Thread: Paper Doll-Type Toy from late 80's (or early 90's)

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    This site has helped me find SO many things I'd had trouble remembering from my childhood, but there's one I still can't place. It would have been the late 80's (or possibly early 90's). Basically, you made clothes out of a play-doh (but I don't think it was Play-Doh brand) and stuck them to flat, plastic dolls. It was like paper dolls with Play-Doh. I believe there were also little hangers you could put the clothes on. The dolls, like I said, were flat and plastic (but a little puffy...kind of like those puffy stickers) and couldn't stand on their own.

    I may be a little fuzzy or wrong on some of these details, but that's all I can remember. I've been trying to figure this out for so long. For some reason I think the name may have began with a 'C', but that could be very wrong. I'd appreciate any help or ideas!
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    I remember one like that fom a TV commercial but you made her clothes out of weird stuff that you put into moulds and then you put them in this little oven thing kind of like Creepy Crawlers.
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    I posted this almost 4 years ago, but had to update it. I finally found this toy! It was a Tyco Super Dough playset called "Fashion Place." I still can't find much more information or pictures, but I'm happy to solve the mystery. Would love to hear if anyone else remembers it! Thanks for your help
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    Pleasant Company had the exact same thing but you use the foldable tabs to attach them to flat, plastic dolls. Here is a picture of one of the paper dolls (American Girl brand only). These came out in the late 80s (or early 90s) but were retired by Mattel a few years later. To receive the flat, plastic dolls, customers have to call American Girl using the phone number (1-800-845-0005), visit [url=]American Girl[/url] or subscribe to American Girl magazine.

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