Thread: Remembered Vampire Hunter D on TBS in the early 90's?

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    It came out here in the US on both video and TBS broadcasting back in 93, i was 11 years old that year. I remembered looking at the TV guide as i always watched horror and Sci-fi movies every friday night on TBS as it stated "Heavy Metal, Vampire Hunter D and Robot Carnival all three adult animated movies playing tonight" as i thought "Sounds good to me".

    I watched them including VHD as i loved them! i even bought them on video when i was 14 years old uncut and uncensored, VHD started my major love for anime since then with Little Nemo, Unico, Totoro and some others but until i was 13 when i watched Akira after reading an article on anime in Newsweek.

    While i'm nostalgic and still adore VHD, i think the sequel Bloodlust is even better.
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    I seem to recall D saying, "I've never been with a woman.", when seduced by Doris in the TBS edit.
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    They also played it on Cartoon Network in January 1995 as "Night of the Vampire Robots." Two years before Toonami!
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