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    Okay, back in the early days of Nickelodeon there was a show called Special Delivery which featured movies, concerts, and specials. I remember as a kid that I loved the one that featured clay animated shorts. Two of the cartoons I have been searching for but can't remember the names. One was a comical documentary on dinosaurs. The other was kinda strange and had little monsters coming out of caves who eventually began eating each other. Sometimes the small ones ate the big ones and I remember one monster gets sucked into some kind of block or cube. There's so much clay animation on youtube. It would help if I knew the titles to these. Ring a bell with anyone? By the way, this was on Nickelodeon around 1982 if there's anyone else old enough to remember that far back.
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    Sounds like Wil Vinton's claymation short feature


    It looks like the short was used in this
    longer children's special
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    Yes! Thanks! The dinosaur cartoon is one of the two I'm looking for! Now I just need to find the other one!
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    Somewhere in my parent's house I have this on Beta (so far I've been unsuccessful in uncovering the tape). I also found the Dinosaur part on YouTube, but I have been searching for years for the second part of the animation you mention. There were so many strange things going on - along with the guy getting sucked up into what I think was an ice cube, another character's nose jumps off his face and slithers off, only to be slurped up by another character. And the worm segment - I can still hum the Bobby McFerrin style music that played along. If you ever come across this, let me know. I'll keep searching my parent's house.
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    Ah,thank you! It's always great to find someone who knows what I'm talking about! Yeah, I wish I would have been recording back in those days! Too bad I can't remember the name of the cartoon. It seems that it was one word like echoes or crickets! That's not it but it's the only thing that comes to mind.
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    I just digitized an old Betamax cassette and believe I have found the other claymation pieces from this episode of Special Deliver. I’ve put them on YouTube.

    Sorry for the poor quality. The tape was 37 years old.
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