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    I dunno if anyone remember either of the titles of either cartoons if someone knows i would be grateful Australians and Brits might know the shows better.

    One cartoon i used to watch on the CBBC in the late 80s about a tiger and bear and they would go and adventures can anyone remember the title.

    I dunno if this my imagination was there on Channel 4 a show called Kaboodle where they had a collection of Australian cartoons, a stop motion toon about a detective, another toon had one about a bird trying to get to the other side of the road and another segment a machine which granted kids wishes.

    The other show title I am trying to remember is a television puppet show very Henson like I can't remember if the setting was a forrest or tv studio but the only thing I remember is where there was a moral there would be a song and dance which would recap the events in the show.

    The final cartoon I would really be grateful if anyone remember but expect no luck it was a girl being kept prisoner by vulture like creatures and she escapes but her friend is a talking parrot. If anyone know the titles of one these shows I would be grateful.
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    Turned out the of the shows I couldn't remember is

    Janosch Story Time

    The second one was called Kaboodle which was created by the Australian Children's Television Foundation.

    Now if someone could figure out what the third show I can't remember is called. All I remember it was either a film or TV show which involves a little girl escaping from a Dungeon or Castle with a pet bird or parrot and being chased my Vultures or monsters.

    If someone could remembers or inform me what the title was I would be most grateful.
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