Thread: 1984-85 Vintage Star Wars Coin Commercial

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    Hello, long time lurker that finally joined up.

    I thought I would see if anyone could help me track down this commercial. It is related to the coin premium that happened near the very end of the vintage Star Wars line and the commercial is either for the mail away offer or the new figures at the time that were packaged with the coins. I've heard other collectors swear they saw it, but it hasn't ever been found.

    Here are a few quotes from collectors referencing it that might help jog someones memory.

    I don't remember if they advertised for the figures themselves, but I
    clearly remember one with the coins. It was something like a bunch of coins
    floating around a neighborhood or something crazy like that. Was that for
    the coin mailaway offer or for POTF figures w/coins I don't remember.

    Yeah, I remember this one too. Something like "You've never seen anything like
    it!". The coins were chasing the kids around the neighborhood if my memory serves
    me well. Kinda creepy.

    Actually I *do* remember commericals advertising the 1985 figures with
    the coins. The Imperial Gunner, Luke Stormtrooper, and one other figure
    were highlighted.

    Any leads to finding this commercial would be much appreciated.
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    I too have been searching online for this commercial.
    Sadly, I used to have it on a VHS tape...but that was long, long ago.

    The things I remember are the coins falling from the sky...and a panning shot over all of the toys...including the new Power of the Force vehicles like the skiff, A-Wing (and the ROTJ collection Imperial Shuttle too.).

    Hopefully someone finds it and posts it. It seems to be the Holy Grail of vintage Kenner Star Wars commercials!!!
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    Nice to finally(!) find some kindred souls who also remember the Star Wars "Power of the Force" action figure commercial. Honestly, I've not run into a single collector anywhere in the world who has any recollection of the almost began to feel as though it was a figment of my imagination

    I only saw the commercial once, in the spring of 1985. I remember it vividly only because there was a Luke in Stormtrooper outfit action figure that was shown rather prominently.

    I'm still actively searching for it in some form or another (*at this point, even a vhs copy will do), as CoolAV8R mentioned, it is the holy grail of Star Wars commercials, and at this point in my collecting career, it is the last remaining Star Wars collecting holy grail, period.

    Funny, although the Power of the Force figures are considered by many to be some of the toughest figures to find, it's actually the commercial for them that is rarest of all.

    When and if I locate a copy of it, I'll be sure to post here and share
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    This has been found! A fellow collector shared the link yesterday that it showed up on youtube a little over a week ago. It's great to finally see this commercial.

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