Thread: Hi! New! Also needing assistance with two things.

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    I've been searching for these two missing things from my childhood. The first is a show that used to come on right after Babar (on HBO in the mornings). It had a ghost fly in through the window in the intro..Besides that my memory is blank. It was a show done with puppets. I was maybe four, five, or six when this show was on..Which would mean it was on somewhere between 1989 and 1991 Maybe longer. Please help!

    The other thing is a game..It was like Pretty Pretty Princess, but you hid the items (crystals,fabric, strings, etc.) it gave you around your house/garden and there were clues in the box that would lead you to the different things. My mother never let me get it, and then years later when I was too old for it we found it in a thrift store and she STILL wouldn't let me get it.

    Now I give her h*ll over it.

    If anyone could please help it would be SO appreciated.
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    I can't help with the second one, but I think the first one might be "Ghosts Of Faffner Hall". The puppets were actually Muppets on that show, and it did air regularly on HBO. I may be wrong, though. If I'm right, I really enjoyed that program when I saw it.
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    The board game was either Jewels in the Attic or Tales of the Crystals.
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    Caps has the first one right, it is indeed The Ghost of Faffner Hall:

    The board game is the thing I'm a bit fuzzy on.I did a little poking at the closest thing I'm finding is Tales of the Crystals.
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