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    There's lots out there! Hollywood's been obsessed lately with remaking films, and doing it badly.

    One remake which completely crapped me off was The Departed. Yes I know Scorcese finally got his Oscar for it, but it was an abysmal remake of a great film. The original was a HK film called Infernal Affairs starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung and was full of tension. Leung's role was played by Leonardo Di Caprio who spent the entire film sweating nervously and muttering, "I'm not a rat!!!" And Jack Nicholson is totally unlikable as the crime boss, while the HK version has (I think) Erik Tsang as the crime boss, and is a guy you wouldn't mind working for. The original was suspenseful, captures the seediness of HK, was stylish and examines the murky working professional link between organised crime and the police. Scorcese's film was full of swearing, violence and boredom. Three friends of mine came to see The Departed with me and afterwards said although they weren't fans of Asian cinema, they much preferred the HK version they'd seen at my house- something was missing from the Hollywood film. You didn't like any of the characters at all.

    Another pointless remake was Psycho. What was the point? None, really. Shot for shot remake. Dull.
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    Not only is the Psycho remake terrible (not that I haven't seen it) but I really think the 1986 remake of The Fly is terrible. To me it was just a poor excuse for a gore fest. It didn't stay true to the original and I guess also to the book since the original from 1958 was based from a book.
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    Anything Platinum Dunes has done is pretty bad. In my opinion, all of the horror remakes are awful except for Last House on the Left.
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