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    hey Guys im new to this site and im loving it. i have noticed alot of stuff here that ive remebered growing up in the 80s. one thing i have to say is about 75% of the toys ive seen on here Ive have. to explain a little, im a pack rat a big one, I have not cleaned my room since 1987 so i got piles upon piles of toys. so now seeing this site i decided to venture into the unknows of my room and actually see what i have in there.
    at the moment im only 20% in so its going to be a while. but if there is any toys you might remeber that you would like to see please tell me as im digging.

    (this is going to take me a couple of months so take your time)
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    For hygiene reasons if the room has not been touched since 1987 I strongly recomend using a dust mask when cleaning up. If you ever manage to get to the bottom af the pile and come across a $50 note then it's mine (what, if the guy in the Goonies can claim 1 coin down a wishing well of over a million coins then I can claime this note)
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    i got dibs on the joes that you find
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    any transformers, joes or star wars?
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