Thread: Big Red Gum Commercial

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    Does anyone remember this commercial:

    I wouldn't call it "retro" since it was probably made in the early 2000's.

    An older, hip, black gentleman (bathroom attendant?) offers advice to confused individuals as to why they're not attracting the opposite sex (bad breath).

    One that comes to mind is a young woman in glasses (hinting that she's an intelligent individual) lamenting that she can't hold a decent conversation with "boys", etc... He responds in kind (using big words and scientific-sounding theories), much to her shock...OR maybe she just has bad breath and hands her a stick of big red. She then strides out confidently ready to face the onslaught of suitors now that her problem has been realized and fixed!

    Anyone? Anyone?
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    Yeah I remember those commercials too. It was funny how the slogan at the end was "It looks good on you". How can gum look good on somebody? I always thought the advice guy was Samuel L. Jackson. Any idea if it's him or somebody else? The voice sounded a lot like him although I don't know if Big Red gum would pay the bucks to get such a big name movie actor as Samuel L. Jackson.
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    Holy crap! After 9 years...I found it!
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