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    I remember Face, he did this Peanut butter sketch that really got on my nerves.
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    Anyone remember Rin tin-tin with his little white terrier? I loved that show! I would watch it every day in the summers.
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    Quote by Strandysmommy
    There was The Adventures of David the Gnome, Pinwheel (carried on thru the early 90's) Eureeka's Castle, Today's Special, The Noozles, The Adventures of the Little Koala, Mapletown, Belle and Sebastian, The Little Prince, Fred Penner's Place, The Elephant Show...yeah, I'm sure I'm blurring the mid-late 80's with the early 90's but some of the show's carried over.
    To my knowledge, David the Knome was never really a "Nick Jr." show. It aired after Nick Jr and was a part of Nickelodeon. In the 80s, Nick Jr.'s block wasn't as long as it was for the 90s. It ended at pretty much mid-day or so.
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