Thread: Godzilla Battle Action 8 commercial. Circa 1998

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    Remember when Godzilla 98 came out? Yeah the film didn't exactly live up to expectations. But there are two adverts promoting the movie that stick out in my mind.

    One of course is Gidget trying to find Zilla, that one I know. The other is this advert for a Zilla action figure. Godzilla Battle Action 8 was it's name.

    It had this kid playing with the figure in this city background, but during the commerical whenever the announcer touted the figure's action. Part of the kid become "Godzilladized"
    I.E. Hand turns into Godzilla claw, grows a tail. etc. Til finally the kid fully transforms into Godzilla and rams the camera.

    It's kind of cheesy right now but as a kid that was one of the coolest commercials I've seen, being able to turn into Godzilla. Been trying to find that commercial around the net but no dice so far.

    If somehow one of you guys can find and upload, I'd appreciate it greatly.

    For more info on what I'm talking about:


    Thank You!
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    Has anyone found it yet? Or at the very least know where a torrent site is?
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    it at the very end of the tape.
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