Thread: 25 Random Facts- Place 25 random facts about yourself

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    1.) I was born in 1982.

    2.) My favorite type of pizza is pepperoni with extra cheese.

    3.) When I make chicken legs or nuggets, the batter I use contains ketchup, mayonaise, garlic powder, onion powder, seasoned salt and ground mustard.

    4.) I used the chicken batter spices and a honey-mustard dressing on a steak once, and it tasted great.

    5.) My favorite Disney characters are the Disney Princesses.

    6.) I just submitted an article about karaoke that I'm waiting to have go up.

    7.) I'm currently working on an interview that our 80s dance music fans will enjoy.

    8.) My favorite actor to play James Bond is Roger Moore.

    9.) I collect DVD recordings of 80s TV shows and specials, both for the programs themselves and the commercials.

    10.) I have submitted more than a thousand trailers to the site.

    11.) I have also submitted more than a thousand commercials to the site.

    12.) I met Jim Henson once...He was a nice guy.

    13.) I prefer MySpace over Facebook, even though I don't use MySpace that often anymore.

    14.) In a period of weakness, I let one criticism get to me to the point where I left RetroJunk for about half-a-year back in 2007. I didn't really feel like I fit in with the posters on the message boards I moved to, so I came back here in 2007, and I've been posting ever since.

    15.) I've been moderating the message boards for over a year now.

    16.) I've been a fan of "South Park" since the beginning of the show.

    17.) I was a Boy Scout for 10 years, but left in 1999 because I felt out of place there, and I was starting to get too old to be a part of it.

    18.) I've been to Walt Disney World almost 20 times.

    19.) I'm probably the only RetroJunker with a kind word to say about many of the people and entertainments of this decade.

    20.) I usually watch either VH1 or the listings channel.

    21.) I was in college for about a month-and-a-half, but I left due to a lot of personal issues.

    22.) I have autographed posters for the movies "Scarface", "Sudden Impact" and "The Color Of Money" hanging in my room.

    23.) I have pretty much every Academy Awards ceremony from the 66th on up. I taped over one of them for reasons I would rather not discuss.

    24.) I've been working at Wal-Mart since 2002.

    25.) I am a member of the American Film Institute.
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    1. I'm random

    2. I'm easily excited

    3. I workout more than I'd like to admit

    4. I eat healthier than a real man should

    5. I'm a comic book nerd- started a club on campus, submitted a script for
    publication, and am going to Comic Con

    6. I currently play Dreamcast more than any other system

    7. I believe that Spider-Man TAS made me who I am today

    8. I wrote 2 unpublished novels

    9. I'm a history major, and I want to go to law school and become a DA like Harvey Dent

    10. I'm a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity

    11. I was once in a rooftop chase

    12. I like to do free running and climb buildings, which I am currently
    banned from doing

    13. People always say that I have a real positive attitude

    14. I created my own political ideology called "accelerism," and I am gonna
    try to put it up on Wikipedia

    15. I only fight for truth, justice, and the American Way

    16. I like to do pretty much everything- next thing I wanna take on is
    making my own techno music

    17. I was awarded for excellence in partying

    18. I lived 90% of my life in NY, now I'm in NM, and I have no idea where I'll end up next

    19. I've made both my bros laugh so hard that they threw up

    20. I love traveling, I want to go to Japan very badly

    21. I go on bike riding adventures like Ash in the Pokemon games

    22. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko

    23. I always push myself to do the best that I can

    24. I do the worm on concrete without hesitation, last time was on Halloween and I was dressed as Jesus

    25. I have a tattoo and really want another one
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    1. I'm the shortest person in the house.
    2. I have weirdly flexible toes.
    3. I have a pair of boots that have lasted me 15 years.
    4. I'm scared of needles but have several piercings.
    5. I spend more money on DVDs than clothes.
    6. I hate cake.
    7. I collect toys.
    8. I make miniatures that give people headaches they're so small.
    9. I used to smoke when I was a kid.
    10. Drinking alcohol makes me want to claw my throat out.
    11. ^I think that it's psycosamatic.
    12. I suffer from sleep paralysis.
    13. I love to look at dogs but don't like them around me.
    14. I revel in my schadenfreude.
    15. I dig both zombies and robots.
    16. I read more in one week then the rest of my family has in about 10 years.
    17. I have an acute sense of smell.
    18. I blush easily.
    19. I can contort my tongue.
    20. I'm afraid of flying.
    21. Pork and beef sicken me.
    22. I can put my feet against my face.
    23. Kids always like me but I don't like them.
    24. Thanks to cats, my hands are covered in scars.
    25. I run into things a lot.
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    1. I was born on August 22, 1990.

    2. In 2004, I moved from the house I grew up in to the house that I live today.

    3. I've only had one job throughout my life and I'm having a really hard time finding a new one.

    4. I've been picked on a lot during my elementry school years (and that's one reason why I hated Elementry School).

    5. Huge Nintendo fan. Got a bunch of Nintendo games and merchandise (see profile for picture)

    6. I rarely ever get invited to parties

    7. I've played video games ever since I was only a year old when I would be using the family's Apple computer.

    8. I still have yet to take Driver's Ed. I don't know where to look

    9. I'm in college taking a degree on computer sciences.

    10. I can be pretty random and say stuff that makes other people laugh

    11. I've never dated any woman throughout my whole life. I still have yet to find a woman that I would want to date who actually accepts me for who I am.

    12. My favorite food is cheeseburgers

    13. The first movie I've seen in theatures was A Goofy Movie

    14. I've seen the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie when I was a very young kid. It was from one of it's airings on TV.

    15. I've never done any type of drugs or alcohol and I don't want to no matter what people say.

    16. I break too many things.

    17. I like anything new that comes out today. Movies, TV shows, Video games, and others.

    18. I've always been a Scooby Doo hater

    19. I collect a bunch of cartoons on DVD

    20. I still watched Sesame Street when I was in the 4th grade. I was really into Elmo's World at first, but I stopped watching around the end of 1999.

    21. I used to play the clarinet in Elementry School but I quit when I entered High School.

    22. I took acting class throughout my entire 4 years of High School. I really enjoyed it.

    23. I won an iPod at a kareoke contest. It's one of my most proudest moments.

    24. I eat a lot of junk

    25. I'm not that social in real life.
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    1.I am the most luckiest person in the whole world

    2.I like Pokemon and Digimon

    3.I was born in 1992

    4.I went to jail only once and got stuck on probation

    5.My probation ends on May 22nd this year.

    6.I went canoing in the Rio Grande River

    7.I am a good Basketball and Soccer Player

    8.My favorite gaming RPGs are Final Fantasy and Xenosaga

    9.I like to gamble

    10. I have a black cat

    11. I am really good at Soulcalibur II and other fighting games.

    12.I own a lot of game systems including Gameboy Advance

    13. My favorite mangas are Digimon, Pokemon series, Fullmetal Alchemist,Soul Rescue,D Gray Man,Fushigi Yuigi,Red River,and Legendz.

    14. I hate my School.

    15.I like war and fighting.

    16.I am nicknamed Tony

    17.I hate Remakes and Live action movies

    18. I own a bunch of Sponsor Memorbilla

    19.My favorite hobbies are Fencing and Drawing Art

    20.I own all of the autographed Houston Aeros Hockey Pucks in silver

    21.My favorite Retro anime is Monster Rancher.

    22.I act and look alot younger than 17.

    23.I have a artifact from Battleship Texas and I never told anybody about it

    24.I am obsessed with boy's underwear for some reason

    25.I am a member of many sites inluding fmylife,Gaia Online, Neopets, Twitter and ETC.
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    1. I got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2008. We have not started planning the wedding yet!

    2. I was a vegetarian for 6 years. I had to stop because I was borderline anemic.

    3. If I could go back in time I would be a child in the 60's and a teen/young adult in the 70's. I have always felt like an old soul - like I am out of place in the current era.

    4. I love animals...which is why I work at a pet store.

    5. Network Television is dead to me since ABC canceled 'Life on Mars'.

    6. When the ice cream truck came around as a kid I had to get the Mickey Mouse one or a Flintstone push-up pop.

    7. I have very conservative values.

    8. My dog is a Rat Terrier.

    9. I love my record player because it once belonged to my late uncle, the albums belonged to my father and his late brother (a different uncle), and the speakers were fixed by my step-uncle. Somehow it all came together much to the delight of my ears .

    10. In the past 4 months I have gotten engaged, bought a 2009 Toyota Corolla, moved, and transferred stores at work. I am still exhausted.

    11. I used to eat Tang powder...dry.

    12. I'm pretty sure I never want kids.

    13. I started drinking at age 17 and it got pretty out of control. At 21 I decided to quit. I've been sober 1.5 years and have never touched a drug in my life.

    14. I scream like a little girl when I see a spider.

    15. I am convinced that Incubus is the best band in modern musical history.

    16. I will readily admit that between the ages of 13 and 18 my bedroom was completely covered in Backstreet Boys posters.

    17. I love running. I ran cross country, indoor, and outdoor track in high school and college.

    18. My fastest mile time- 5:51.

    19. I went to college for 2 years and dropped out with no degree.

    20. I got very sick with Mono in my first semester at school. I ruined my GPA because I was stuck in bed for nearly 3 weeks.

    21. Grease is my favorite movie ever.

    22. I had my navel pierced twice. It surfaced both times.

    23. There is a 9 year age difference between myself and my fiance.

    24. I dislike soda. My body can only tolerate the occasional root beer.

    25. I sleep with a teddy bear.

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    01. If I ever have children (it's not in the plans right now but as for the future who knows) I'm not going to give/ not going to let my wife give them stupidassed names.

    02. I've never gotten hooked on cigarettes. I waste my money on other stuff instead.

    03. My favorite drink is a coke and whiskey.

    04. I want to own at least one pinball machine someday or go to the pinball hall of fame in Vegas.

    05. WKRP has been my favorite show since I saw it on reruns on CBC as a kid. Fox royally fucked up the season one dvd release, at least the original broadcast versions are on the internet.

    06. I'm into standup comedy and have seen George Carlin and Steve Wright live.

    07. There are some types of music I'm not that into but I have at least a few favorite songs/ artists in every genre.

    08. I learned how to make chili from watching a youtube video.

    09. The Moody Blues song Island has been caught in my head for four consecutive days now, thanks I-tunes!

    10. I've been in a few remedial classes but was never held back in school.

    11. None of my girlfriends have ever been the same age as me, always a few years older or younger. Just seems to work out that way.

    12. I find all the rare stuff I want at used and thrift stores, I've never bought anything on eBay ever.

    13. I rarely get sick, when I do it's pretty bad and can put me out of commission for sometimes over a week but that's only happened three times so far and I'm nearly 30 now.

    14. I'm really bad at math but have always done well at English; I liked reading way more than most people I went to high school with.

    15. I met Henry Rollins after a spoken word show and got to talk to him for a few minutes.

    16. I'm not very political as I've been equally disappointed with both right and left wing parties and leaders.

    17. I was born and spent my first 10 years in Nova Scotia. It's been a while since I've gone for a visit, that's on my short list of things of things to do.

    18. I still occasionally buy movie, music and animated stuff on VHS as I have a VHS/DVD combo deck and you can buy VHS stuff with pocket change these days.

    19. I have nearly all the original Zappa and the Mothers of Invention albums; the only one I don't and has been hard to find is 1970's Weasels Ripped My Flesh.

    20. I like hiking/ walking long distances.

    21. I've been to Ireland and while I was there went for a tour and tasting at the Bushmills whiskey distillery.

    22. I've been a fan of South Park since the debut broadcast of the first episode.

    23. I saw the Mars Volta live shortly before Jeremy Ward died.

    24. I can play Baba O'Riley on bass and keyboards.

    25. I own every official Who studio and live album from 1965 to 1982 (Including the 1970 UK only compilation The Ox which has some hard to find John Entwistle written b-sides, I've never seen a copy before or since the time I got mine) on vinyl as well as the 2006 studio album Endless Wire and some bootlegs.
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    1. I am a girl...or a boy.

    2. I love strawberries

    3. First game console ever owned was a Sega Genesis

    4. I love Sonic the Hedgehog (90s)

    5. I love movies. Way too many to name but I'll list a few that are my favourites; The Secret of NIMH, Twins, Captain Ron, Big, Breakfast Club, The Truman Show and Back to the Future, The Nutty Professor (original)

    6. I like a few anime shows but I'm more into the ones that were made in the late eighites and early ninties

    7. I love game shows

    8. I love goth, punk, and heavy metal styles

    9. I love Tim & Eric.

    10. The only thing I like about 90s music are music made by ScatMan, YAZ, etc.

    11. Jim Henson's 'The Muppets' and 'Fraggle Rock' shows were great!

    12. I am shy and I'm usually quiet with people, but when we hang out/talk more often, they'll know who I am

    13. I mostly stay up all night until 4AM (I did for this entire week) I like to sleep, but hate getting to wake up late

    14. Sometimes I want to punch certain people...(I'm not a violent person...really.)

    15.Euromusic is my favourite genre of music

    16. I plan on flying to Europe, New York City, and tons of other places

    17.I love when people are happy

    18.I hate when people do incredibly STUPID things. Seriously, stop it

    19.I hate some to most teenagers

    20.I'm a daydreamer and I get easily distracted

    21.I'm a happy person, but there days when I don't feel like talking to people because I'm depressed or pissed off at these certain idiots at my school

    22.I like comic books

    23.I love champagne

    24.I love this teacher in my High School

    25.I love to watch movies with: comedy, violence, mystery, romance, action, horror

    I collect Retro Junk action figures. I've got a limited edition DebrisStorm with karate chop action still in the box. I've also got a special edition vkimo that comes with a typewrit
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    Quote by RetroxBunny
    1. I am a girl...or a boy.

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    1. I was born on the 20th anniversary of the assasination of John F. Kennedy.
    2. I was held back in PreK.
    3. I went to Catholic schools from September 1987 through May 2002
    4. I still have most of my stuffed animals.
    5. I'm not where I want to be right now.
    6. My favorite Reality show is The Amazing Race.
    7. I don't own a dog.
    8. I graduated college in December 2007.
    9. I ran indoor and outdoor track when I was in high school.
    10. I've never been outside North America.
    11. I fell down the stairs when I was in the 10th grade.
    12. I never went to summer school.
    13. My favorite color is Blue.
    14. My first concert that I went to was N'SYNC back in 1998.
    15. I laughed during Titanic.
    16. I played the Clarinet from 4th grade through 8th grade.
    17. I hate black olives.
    18. It took me 4 tries before I got my drivers license.
    19. I can't eat fast food anymore.
    20. I read all 7 Harry Potter Books.
    21. I never gotten seriously sick.
    22. The last time I vomited was in 2006.
    23. I learned how to read when I was 4.
    24. I was teased a lot when I was in school.
    25. I don't like staying up late.

    Never underestimate your own abilities.
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    1. I am left-handed.
    2. One time when I was 13 I got to play one of B.B. King's guitars because one of my dad's rich friends bought it at an auction...and I really suck at guitar.
    3. I have the same birthday as Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Dave Matthews, Richard Nixon, and Joely Richardson. And Severus Snape.
    4. As of right now my dream job would be rock and roll historian (does that job even exist?)
    5. I have a strange fascination with England even though I've never been there
    6. I went to an arts high school.
    7. I collect vinyl records. I don't have very many yet though.
    8. I repeated 9th grade. Five years in high school, lovely.
    9. I have never had to go to the hospital except to visit other people.
    10. I hit the snooze button every morning at least 9 times.
    11. I've always had some kind of a pet, whether it be a cat, hamster, rat, fish, seamonkeys, walking sticks, or a dog. I even had a horse for a few months one time.
    12. I'm 20 and I still don't have a driver's license.
    13. I absolutely hate shopping. Except if it's shopping for books, or music, or electronics. Clothes shopping is the worst.
    14. I've never had an alcoholic drink.
    15. I am very shy.
    16. I have little interest in sports or athletics.
    17. I have done very little travelling. Colorado is the farthest away I have been from Washington state.
    18. I have never been to a real concert.
    19. I have never seen a famous person.
    20. Coming up with 25 things is really hard.
    21. My favorite comic strip is Foxtrot.
    22. I really want to learn how to play blues harp.
    23. I play the viola and have played it for 8-9 years now.
    24. I prefer juice over pop/soda.
    25. I didn't go on a plane until the day before my 16th birthday.

    Man, that was hard.
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    1. I was born on 12/13/1990
    2. I was born and raised in Minneapolis MN
    3. have brown eyes
    4. Meduim length hair
    5. So lazy that most morings i throw my hair in a bun and a call it a day!
    6. Trying to enlist in to US. Air Force
    7. Graduating from HS in june
    8. a horrible speller and butcher most words i try to spell.
    9. My height is 5"0
    10. I have two brothers one older (3yrs) and a younger one (6yrs)
    11. Iam a cat owner
    12. Their name is Neo and Mimi
    13. I have horrible luck with dogs
    14. In the last past few years i have lost around 71 lbs.
    15. I think Prom is dumb and and over rated
    16. Have come to understand that most people are very shallow.
    17. Misses being a kid
    18. Was a tomboy growing up
    19. I dont have my linceses yet but i do have my permit
    20. I dont really have a favortie type of music
    21. I do have a favorite singer though...... I love Prince!!!!!
    22. Almost have every one of his ablums!
    23. My favorite food is Thin crust veggie pizza
    24. Favorite color is Purple
    25. I love my city of Minneapolis and will live in a condo downtown or in Uptown one day.
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    Quote by nippy

    17. I have 10.5 months of sea time logged aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Kitty Hawk.

    I live near where the USS Abraham Lincoln's home port is - Everett, WA (that's not one of my facts about myself though).

    1. My birthday is 7/13/1983

    2. I've lived in the same house my whole life.

    3. I own a black cat and a Welsh Corgi.

    4. I have one sister who's 23 and a niece who's 1.

    5. I have only been pulled over by the cops once (but I got off with just a warning).

    6. I love going hiking.

    7. I am a Christian (aka a follower of Jesus Christ).

    8. My favorite video game system is the Super Nintendo.

    9. My favorite video game of all time is either Chrono Trigger or Super Metroid.

    10. I am sort of a social outcast and a loner. I only have 3 close friends who I hang out with on a regular basis.

    11. I still cry and get emotional over things that really get to me.

    12. My favorite sport to watch on TV and play is Baseball.

    13. I have never done drugs, and I have never smoked.

    14. I hate the taste of alcoholic I stick to soft drinks (although I have mostly been drinking water as of late, as I'm trying to loose some weight.

    15. I hate loud noises (such as gun shots or loud fire crackers).

    16. I hardly play any new video games, and mostly stick to the older stuff.

    17. I'm one of those people who whine about things being crappy these days, and being better when I was a kid (although I won't do it here on RetroJunk in fear of being shot at).

    18. Most of the time I spend on YouTube is spent finding old commercials, cartoons, and movies I haven't seen for years.

    19. I own over 1,000 video games on 18 different consoles and hand held systems.

    20. My favorite fast food restaurant is Wendy's.

    21. I don't have any piercings or tattoos.

    22. I still watch cartoons at age 25.

    23. My favorite time of year is summer and Christmas time.

    24. I love to travel.

    25. I've been to Florida three times (which is clear on the other side of the country from me), but I've never been to California (which is just two states south of me).
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    Quote by Mezase_Master
    I already told you that you can't. You need to learn to listen.

    I'm not listening to you about this, because you don't know how good I am at drawing and creating my own cartoon characters.
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    Quote by Mezase_Master
    From pre-school?

    From high school, dummy.
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    Quote by Mezase_Master
    Quote by sonic64
    18. I don't know how to drive a car
    Quit stalling!

    I'm not; believe me, I'm kinda like Spongebob when I'm behind the wheel.
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    Quote by Mezase_Master
    Quote by sonic64
    24. I'm neither good nor bad at everything I do
    True. You're just really awful.

    I dare ya to prove you're wrong about this!
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    Quote by sonic64
    Quote by Mezase_Master
    I already told you that you can't. You need to learn to listen.

    I'm not listening to you about this, because you don't know how good I am at drawing and creating my own cartoon characters.
    If by "good" you mean "bad," yeah, I do know.

    Quote by sonic64
    Quote by Mezase_Master
    From pre-school?

    From high school, dummy.
    Yeah, what you posted right after that:

    Quote by sonic64
    Quote by Mezase_Master
    Quote by sonic64
    18. I don't know how to drive a car
    Quit stalling!

    I'm not; believe me, I'm kinda like Spongebob when I'm behind the wheel.
    sorta makes it hard to believe that.

    Quote by sonic64
    Quote by Mezase_Master
    Quote by sonic64
    24. I'm neither good nor bad at everything I do
    True. You're just really awful.

    I dare ya to prove you're wrong about this!
    If you would give me proof, I'd take you up on that.
    Quote by TMNT
    Movin` on up!! To the East side Blah blah Blah Movin on up Gaints lol.
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    Quote by sonic64
    Quote by Mezase_Master
    Quote by sonic64
    24. I'm neither good nor bad at everything I do
    True. You're just really awful.

    I dare ya to prove you're wrong about this!

    Ya know, you could've done all that in one post instead of four.
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    I'm a nobody.
    I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23
    I'm addicted to the internet.
    I don't know how tall I am exactly.
    I'm predominatly left handed.
    I bowl (five-pin)
    I'm random.
    Thinking about learning bass or drums.
    I have all 11 seasons of The Simpsons on DVD
    I have low self esteem.
    I only have a high school education.
    I work nights.
    I have no life.
    Fascinated with urban decay.
    I'm sadly disorganized.
    I hang out at the library when i get a chance to.
    I'm behnd when it comes to modern technolgy.
    I hate asking for help for anything.
    One of my interests is "insteresting people"
    My memory is bad.
    I want to write more.
    I need a girlfriend.
    I collect somewhat useless crap.
    I walk to the beat of a different drum.
    Myspace sucks but i can't stop going on there.
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