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    Surely I am not the only person who has good memories about work.
    Some of my best memories have been as a result of being on the job.
    Anyone care to share anything about thier first job, favorite job, or a little about ALL thier jobs?

    I'm only 25, but have had quite a few jobs before the Army, so I'll follow everyone else's lead on this one while I collect my thoughts in MS Word and see if I can't upload any relevant pictures.

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    Ok I'll go first I've only had five jobs
    The first job I had was in my uncles restaurant, Bakers Seafood and Pasta, It was a pretty good job. Can't complain food was good and it was family.

    -second I got a job at Hot Topic in the mall, it wasn't my thing it lasted 2 months

    -third I was a supervisior for toyRus, it was fun being around all those toys but it was during christmas let me tell you housewives are evil when it comes to getting thier kid Tickle me Elmo, vicious.

    -fourth I was an auditer for an Osco drug store, it went well for four years but after 9-11 they cut some of there employees and I was one of them

    -fifth I sold tile marble and granite which was perfect since all the men in my family install the stuff. I also did all the tech stuff for the company and all the design work. I didn't get along with the owner he was a drunk biast pig that thought all women were inferior, it lasted three years and in December 2004 we butted heads and he canned me.

    -Now i don't work at all, my husband started a buisness in May 04 and we make more than enough for me to stay home and live very comfortably. I do all the financial stuff like payroll, billing, taxes and advertising and I am happier than I have ever been.
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    Good post BadKitty. Thanks for sharing. My turn.

    My first job was working as a warehouse runner at a hospital. I learned all about medical supplies and equipment. I also carried a pager around and people would buzz me when they needed an item STAT! I learned how to haul ass everywhere there. I also memorized the stock numbers for a lot of the medical supplies. The departments would also page me when someone died and I had to move the body down to the morgue. That was the part of the job I remember the most. The smell.

    I have really good memories of working in the cafeterias during my stint in college. I learned how to cook and how to improvise with limited ingredients. To this day I cannot cook for fewer than 8 people. Much of the job was also dishwashing, and always was even when I got promoted to "Student Manager." I also have half pans, full pans, and slotted spoons from that job! Man that was a cushy job. Hot and nasty, but the pay and the free food made up for it and then some.

    I worked as a manager at the University gym. I was the opening guy, so I worked monday through friday opening the gym at 5:45AM. It was a great place to meet girls and I had the keys to a friggin' gym. I met some great friends at that job.

    At the SAME time I worked security for the entertainment department at a Milwaukee casino. Here's a picture of our department. I'm the fool kneeling all in black with the radio mic over my shoulder. This was the absolute greatest job. I worked for performers like Kansas, America, Rick Springfield, Larry the Cable Guy, The Ohio Players, Big & Rich, Blondie, The Commodores, Kenny Loggins, and more.

    On weekends and when there weren't shows at the casino, I worked roof construction. I loved being on the rooftops in Milwaukee and replacing roofs to former crackhouses.

    I was working like 90 hours a week, but those were some of the happiest times of my life. There are times when I go "damn, I had it pretty good as a civilian!"

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    -The first job I ever had was when I was 13 years old. I worked at my neighbours fish & chip truck in the summer. That was probably the second worst job I've ever had. I worked so hard and got paid $5/hr. Not bad for a 13 year old I think. My neighbour turned out to be a psycho bitch afterwards and started talking shit about me to my neighbours. When new owners took over her chip truck, she told them I was a bad worker which is a complete and utter lie. Karma karma karma.

    -When I was 15 I got a job as a cashier at [url=]Home Hardware[/url], a Canadian hardware store franchise. There was only 20 employees but I have nothing but fond memories of working there. The whole staff felt like my family and I still see a lot of them on a regular basis.

    -When I came to university I got a job at another Home Hardware. This is the worst place I've ever worked. It was nothing like the other store I worked at. The staff were petty, rude and I hated most of them. All I ever dealt with was bitchy, rude customers. My boss treated me like complete crap even though I made the least mistakes out of everyone and I knew the most. I was promoted from cashier to the paint department and it didn't get any better. I stayed there for 3 agonizing years until one day, my friend that worked there and I got fed up and we both quit on the same day.

    -During my second Home Hardware stint, I left for 4 months and worked at a health care agency's office. This has by far been the most stressful and depressing job I have ever had. I worked 10 hours a day coordinating nursing and home support visits to clients in the community. I had to deal with clients and their families via the phone and bitchy and lazy nurses and home support workers. The hardest thing was getting to know the clients so well only to have them pass away. I would cry every week over one of my clients that would die. Their families used to call me and thank me for helping and I would cry on the phone with them. That job definitely toughened me up with my constant exposure to death and suffering. The only job that would toughen me up more would be at a funeral home. No thanks.

    -Currently, as I am STILL plugging away in University, I work part time as a teaching assistant. Nothing spectacular there. I help first year students once a week with calculus, I proctor their exams and I mark papers. Yay me.
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    My first job was through a temp service. I worked at a place called Sunbelt. I worked there during summer and winter break during school. They were a box plant. Companies would send them the boxes and tell them what to do with them(glue them,staple them,rotary press them). I can recall vividly going in to the place and seeing stacks of orders(remember these are flattened boxes) all the way to the roof. The place was like a mini warehouse so the roof was a good way up. I asked somebody about them and they said that it was an order due a month ago. That was the theme of the place. If we actually completed an order odds were good it would be sent back to us again by the next day or day after. The people were an interesting mix. With it being manual labor on the outskirts of a slightly redneck town(hate to say it) the kind of people the place employed weren't the smartest fish in the barrel but always had a funny story. After I left there I went to work at a Gap Distribution Center. I would still be there now if I could have gotten on as Full time but alas I couldn't. The pay was good, the work was fun, and the people were the best. These people would bend over backward to help. Then I went to work for Food Lion and have been there for 4 yrs now. Right now I'm in the process of looking for another job due to being tired of the crap at the Lion.
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    I like my job as a Window washer. Yeah I don'e get paid very much and I'm not high on the social ladder but it's a good summer job. I get great hours. I'm basically a mercenary. I get paid for how much I do and I can choose whenever I do it pretty much. My boss will give me assignments and I finish them by the end of the week and I get 40% of the earnings. Sometimes I ask for more work cause I finish early and I get more money or I quit early and have a day off, as long as I finish the work in time he doesn't care when I get it done. I get paid about 8$ an hour most of the time but sometimes when I get more work than usual I get paid up to 12-15$ an hour on average (it's not an hourly rate of pay but that's how much I make roughly).

    Sometimes we get huge jobs that take all of his employees and himself several days or even weeks to finish and then I get paid hourly instead of the percentage cut. Those are fun sometimes cause i get to work with my colleagues and have as much fun as possible while we get the work done. Like races to finish buildings first and playing jokes on my boss Matt. His brother is a cool guy and works with him and he playes lots of jokes on him like putting a snake in his bucket, or a wasp in his car, and always poking fun at his corny mannerisms, like "Okey dokey" or the fact that he says "Ok?" after he says anything. But he laughs it off and so do we cause we're all just havin the best time we can during work. I like it. It's not my dream job or anything but it's one that I enjoy right now, and will fondly remember when I leave and get a year round career. ^_^
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    my first job was workin at a movie theater on long island back in 1987. I got to see a ton of movies for free, at least 3 times each! I used to let the other mall workers in for free and in return, they would hook me up with free merchandise.

    After I had left that job, I was still welcomed back for free movies.

    now, that was a job!
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    Mine was cashier at Eckerd for about three months. Wasn't a very exciting job, but I always thought Eckerd was a cool store until a few years ago, when they were purchased by CVS, and they all became crappy CVS stores!
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    My first job was babysitting a group of children on New Year's eve at a local resort. There were maybe 2 or 3 teens and at least 2 adults in charge of a big group of children. I loved this job, it was so much fun, but only temporary.

    I also worked as a cashier at a grocery store, I really did not like that because people can be so rude, especially when most of them are tourists.

    I waitressed at a pizza restaurant as a secondary job. It was ok.

    I worked as a home health aide for years, this job is the reason I became a nurse. I loved working with the elderly, yes you get attached, but you would not be doing your job if you did not get to know them. You also have to look at it as the fact that when they die, they are not suffering anymore. You can burn out very quickly though, I would get very fustrated because sometimes I felt that I could not help these people as much as they needed. However now I can help people more.
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    my first (and ever) job

    was through a temp service

    doing phone surveys

    after two months it just blew

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    The first time I ever got a paycheck was when working as a computer/technology instructor for a group of young children and elderly people in between my years of High School. (Did it my junior year and after my senior year). It was for a few weeks every summer but was pretty good pay.

    My next job was my work-study job in college. I did chemical inventory for the school and cleaned the lab equipment. It was pretty neat because I got to know all the chemistry professors at the school and I got to see the VAST chemical inventory they had. (The school had some really neat stuff. A great deal of platinum and palladium beakers that were worth more than you could ever possibly believe. I'm talking POUNDS of these metals).

    The next job I got was my research grant after my freshman year of college. I did computational chemistry research on the conformations of Green Fluorescent Protein using multi-processor SGI Workstations. It paid really well, and while I didn't really understand too much of what was going on, the research was eventually published in a major chemistry journal. So that job led to me getting my name published in a research journal.

    After some more work-study stuff, my next job was my internship in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department Of Agriculture Race Horse Testing labs. I worked with urine samples of race-horses and employees of the racetracks to detect illegal drugs and performance enhancing substances. It was really neat seeing how drug testing happens and all the legal stuff that needs to be done with the samples due to all the implications associated with a positive findings. For the few months that I had the job I didn't see any positive samples, but then during my last week one of the samples I was assigned to showed up as positive for cocaine. It was REALLY neat to see the final report that showed without a doubt that this individual was using cocaine.

    After graduating, my first 'REAL' job/career was as a Data and Document Processing Specialist (DDPS) for the Clinical Research Organization 'Kendle International'. That job just involved doing the data entry of clinical trial data into a massive database. The job was okay, but it wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life. It was interesting seeing how drugs go from discovery in a lab through the clinical trial processes and eventually into the market. A buddy of mine from high school also worked the same job so that was nice being able to work with a friend of mine. Eventually, however, I moved onwards from that position.

    I moved from a DDPS to a Clinical Data Associate. Instead of entering the data, I know analyzed the data in the database and helped clean it up and contact the sites to ensure that the data was reported properly. I liked this a lot more because it paid more, and because it involved the use of my brain a whole lot more. You had to think about everything and use logic to figure out why certain things weren't right. I was able to learn a great deal more about the entire Clinical Trial process and really excelled in what I was doing. I worked with a lot of really great people and have a lot of friends who still work there. Due to my skills, I was eventually promoted up to Senior Clinical Data Associate which was the last title I held with the company.

    With the skills and knowledge that I gained while at Kendle, I decided to look one step further and see if there were any open positions at the companies that actually peform these clinical trials. I eventually found an open position for a Clinical Data Coordinator at Pfizer and put my resume and application in. I was offered the job and accepted it and that is where I am right now. I can see myself in this position for quite a length of time. It's kind of the top of the pyramid in terms of running a clinical trial. I have numerous trials under my watch and it is my duty to ensure that they run smoothly, economically, and free of errors in the data. It's a good deal of work and I tend to put in 48-50 hour work weeks, but the work is quite rewarding. When you see a drug that you worked on suceed and hear success stories from patients whom it has helped, it feels really good. The pay is great, the benefits are outstanding, and the company is a pleasure to work for. I don't turn 26 until a few weeks from now, but I feel pretty good with where I am now in life.
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    Hi guys! My first job was (no laughing) at Burger King! I worked there for a year and I hated it. It was hot and greasy and the customers were ALWAYS rude!The only thing I liked was being able to eat whatever when the owner left. My 2nd job was as a customer service rep for prepaid crdeit cards. I worked there for 2 years and I earned a lot about how gossipy abd backstabbing people can be. Now I work at a printing company and I tolerate it. Not bad or good, but we'll's only been 5 months.

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    I have had two jobs that I truly enjoyed. The first job that I enjoyed was my very first job period. I was a party host/coordinater for an inmall theme park like chuck e. cheese. I would set up the catering, the games and than proceed to host it as well. I had a great time.

    My second job was very similar. I was a full time chess coach for children from kindergarden to 6th grade. It didn't seem like a job at all and the influence you have on children can be very rewarding and enriching. Alas, it did not exactly *ahem* pay the bills. For awhile I worked as a substitute and always go back in my mind and think about going back.
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    My first Job, fixing PCs at computer city, it was a fun job, but dealing with the customer made me angry alot.

    second job, game tester(Maxis - sim city) I worked there for a bit job is not as cool as it sounds, but the pay was good and it kept my occupied while i was transfering to college.

    third job - game tester(sega) this time I was supervising testers, not my thing, left, but it was a fun summer job.

    4th - Tutor in the Compsci dept in college, I was a personal tutor for people in the comp sci dept in college, met my second GF there ^^.

    5th - First job as a game programmer at Shiny Entertainment. It was great at first but is went downhill in a year....

    6th - Game programmer at an Indie studio... my favorite job, too bad we ran out of money T_T

    7th - My current job programming for a big game(won't name the company), I loved it until my job transfer, but this weds I'm telling them I'm gonna leave.

    8th - have a few job offers still deciding
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    Oh God, my first job (well, first "official" job)...

    was being a janitor at Sears in our local mall during '93. I had the pleasure of landing that position a few months after high school ended. My parents were fed up with a noon-time rising beach bum, so I needed to take the first offer. Work started at 4:00am, and my boss was a bear-gut sportin', 40 year old that claimed to be a self-taught martial arts professional and sword master. He'd always "prepare" himself for the floor waxer by breakin' out his dojo bandana and doing some sort of "chi" moves. No, seriously...he was open about taking his meds. I couldn't tell what was creepier...listening to him go on about how he was going to mold me into a professional custodian, or having to dispose of trash from the women's restroom overflowing with used tampons.

    That lasted about three weeks.
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    My parents owned a bakery (whole wheat breads mostly) and it was an espresso/lunch cafe too. It was great. I loved waiting on the regulars. It gave us a great sense of community. I shall always think of it with fond memories. I miss the smells of the fresh bread baking, plus the free espresso drinks didn't hurt either.
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