Thread: Rap Sucks!

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    Not all of it is bad just like not all rock music is good, it's just that mainstream crap you're listening to.
    • 11 years 5 months ago
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    Quote by madcatter
    I hate hip-hop too. It's all samples. Nobody can play any instruments, just relying on older music to get by.

    That's kind of dumb of you to say that because rap music is made of sample, which is what makes rap music different from other genres, which I don't mind, I think it's creative depending how well it's done, however, I do mind when teenage assholes play a certain guitar video game and act like real musicians.
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    Mainstream rap fucking sucks ass even though I don't really listen to rap in general nowadays. All that shit they play on the radio is fucking horrible, it all sounds the same.
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