Thread: books that you loved as a child

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    A Pizza the Size of the Sun for one. Goosebumps too (I used to listen to the audiobooks in 3rd grade) and then in 6th grade, Harry Potter.

    Do comic books count? I was reading Action Comics a lot in first grade.
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    They were all comic books. DC especially, though I did have interest in Marvel.
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    • 9 months 10 days ago
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    I had an X-Men story book based on the animated series. It was based on Apocalypse's (my favorite X-Men villain) debut episode. I loved the heck out of that book
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    • 9 months 3 days ago
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    Falling Up by Shel Silverstein
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    I discovered Sesame Street when I was four years old I learned to read at that age. I loved the books so much and they had a little bit to everything in them even sign language. As I got older I had favourite books that were read many times. I read the first chapter of The Secret Garden when I was seven my mom caught me with the book said that I was too young for it until I told her that I had just finished reading the first chapter and I was able to give her a detailed summary about the chapter. I did wait until I was nine years old to read the book because it was still a it too much for me at the time. I remember hating easy chapter books because I finished them too quickly and I read them very easily in a day or two. My first real chapter books were the Little House on the Prairie books I loved them so much and read the whole series when I was eight years old. My other favourite series was the Redwall series I discovered the books when I was ten years old and had a new series to keep me busy. The series was kind of confusing though because I didn’t know how I was supposed to read the books. I was later told by a classmate that you can either read them by the year they were published or the list that came with the books that showed you to read them in chronological order. I think I read them both ways they were great books and brought about a new side of me. I can’t think of much else that I read when I was younger probably the usual books like fairy tales, Dr.Seuss books and even our little golden books. I remember trying to read a series that some of my friends were into called Dinotopia but I didn’t like it very much and only had a couple of the books but they were later given away.
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    • 8 months 9 days ago
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    The Jolly Postman. Opening up those letters brings back so many good memories.
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    Harry Potter came out when I was 10 years old, and I really liked those books. Sad JK Rowling is a transphobe.

    There was also a novel called Rise of the Robots based on an SNES game. I liked reading that one because I'd never heard of a book tie-in to a video game before.

    I also used to love reading the Cartoon Network comics. I still have a few.
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    • 2 months 11 days ago
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    If we're talking really young, The Monster at the End of This Book. After that, I enjoyed Captain Underpants a whole lot
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