Thread: books that you loved as a child

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    • 8 months 25 days ago
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    A Pizza the Size of the Sun for one. Goosebumps too (I used to listen to the audiobooks in 3rd grade) and then in 6th grade, Harry Potter.

    Do comic books count? I was reading Action Comics a lot in first grade.
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    • 4 months 13 days ago
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    They were all comic books. DC especially, though I did have interest in Marvel.
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    • 14 days 19 hours ago
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    I had an X-Men story book based on the animated series. It was based on Apocalypse's (my favorite X-Men villain) debut episode. I loved the heck out of that book
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    • 7 days 21 hours ago
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    Falling Up by Shel Silverstein
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