Thread: The 80s 90s Nickelodeon icon series coming soon

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    Throughout my work on the Y2K after effects videos that I've done throughout the year, I've pretty much seen just about every Nickelodeon rant and tribute video that you can think of. I've even done a couple tribute videos myself. However, with all the videos that I've seen, I have yet to see one video of any kind that goes into detail as to why Nickelodeon in the 80s or 90s was good other than people saying that they use to watch it when they were a kid. Obviously if you were born in the 80s, your version of Nickelodeon is different from what the 90s kids talk about so it varies on when you were born and what you were watching during that time. So not everybody will agree on every show that came on Nick back then.

    They talk so much about why the channel is so bad now and what shows they don't like and yet they don't do themselves any kind of justice doing that if they can't explain why the shows back then that they use to watch were so good. "Because you were younger back then and your older now" is not good enough a reason for me. With most shows you watch as a kid, you tend to appreciate them more as an adult. We all had shows we liked and shows that we didn't like and I'm pretty sure that everybody had a reason as to why they did or didn't like the shows they watched as a kid. So if people can say why things suck now in detail or in false statements, then they should be able to explain "in detail" why Nickelodeon was so good back then (not just because it was what they use to watch when they were younger) Which will be my job now. I'm starting a new video series that will highlight why each show in the 80s and 90s was good or bad from my own personal viewing (in detail.) I'm pretty sure that certain people will have a different outlook on the shows that I mention and that is to be expected. And yes, there will be certain shows I don't like that I will mention from both the 80s and 90s and why I don't like them in detail. True that Nickelodeon had a lot of good shows but everybody has at least one, two or more shows that they didn't like (this is definitely a fact.) Stay tuned I'll be working round the clock whenever I can to put these videos together.


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    Awesome!!! Your Y2K vidoes rock and look forward to this!!
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