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    hi all....jst joined and, boy am i on some kind of Retro overload. right, im hoping someone will remember this kids show that used to be aired on bbc1 i think after school.

    All i can remember is that a kid used to have a bright white tshirt with a print of a tigers head on it in black similar to this

    it reminded me alot of the tiger print they used in some Esso petrol garage adverts, anyway
    he used to rub the t-shirt or something and it used to give him some kind of super powers, all i can remember is that he used to run really fast, thats all that i can remember about it and i would love a few links to the actual show if poss, thanks
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    oh yeah and i jst remembered another thing...i used to collect these stickers as a kid...they were really well drawn cartoons that looked similar to the cabbage-patch kids dolls. the thing that was interesting was that they were always doing something revolting in the pictures like puking into food tins on a conveyer belt, eating creepy crawlys and the like cheers again, H
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    The stickers sound like the garbage pail kids. Is this the ones you were talking about?

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    hi there mate. thats the ones i was talking about great.....i used to love the stick of gum that you got with them too lol
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