Thread: Top 5 games you respect because you havent beat them.....yet

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    Quote by nicedayoutside1989
    The first three Castlevania Games,Zombies ate my Neighbors(SNES),Sonic the Hedgehog II(Genesis).

    I congradulate you. These are some great choices.
    I have never beaten Sonic 2...I got to Robotnik with one life left and
    all the emeralds once and died. I was pissed. Zombies ate my neighbors....
    well...i think i made it to the last dr tongue but im not being level
    40 something. However, i have beaten castlevania on nes...very tedious
    and very satisfying when you finally kill dracula.
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    Quote by blueluigi
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES). I've gotten inside the technodrome but never got to Shredder.

    You made it farther than most, man.
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    1.Super Mario bros Deluxe
    2.Metroid Fusion (Damn SA-X)
    3.Gran Theft Auto 3 And San Andreas
    4.Tales Of symphonia
    5.Castlevania And portrait of ruin
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    Pilotwings 64 - I don't care what anyone says, those goddamn hang glider stages are hard, especially in the pilot class.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 - I know...pathetic. I love the game up to the stage where I get eaten by giant fish. I'll beat it one day. That, and my copy of the game is very tempermental and I often have to throw it against something hard a few times before it works, so I often lose the desire to play when it won't work after a half hour of throwing it against the wall.

    Puzznic - I assume this game has an end, but with puzzle games, you never know. I intend to conquer it eventually.

    Sonic 3 - The Launch Base Zone can kiss my ass.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee - I've beaten it countless times, but I don't have all the trophies yet.
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