Thread: Wendy's (I think, not sure) hilarious 80's commercial for a fish sandwich

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    There is a commercial from the 80's I'd give anything to see again. I believe it was a Wendy's ad for a fish sandwich. If anyone finds it on youtube or anywhere else, please let me know.

    Anyhow, the commercial goes like this:


    1. Nerdy cashier
    2. Lady customer
    3. Fred, the manager

    There is a nerdy guy with glasses behind the counter. A lady walks up to the counter with her sandwich pulled apart, and a disgusting substance dripping from the bread.

    LADY CUSTOMER: "excuse me sir, I ordered fish!"

    CASHIER (looking at the Sandwich): "This is fish....... I think"

    Cashier(nervously turns around to Fred): "Hey Fred, is this fish?"

    After the commercial shows the Wendy's (or whatever fast food chain) fish sandwich, the commercial then cuts back to the Cashier and Fred

    Fred(looking in a book): "If its square its fish, if its round its a burger!"

    I'd give anything to see this commercial again.
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    if you ever log back in, I have a gift for you.

    second commercial in this video:

    have a good day, oi!

    the cliff vlog
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