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    Quote by Alyssa_Branen
    I'd rather talk to my friends and family face to face to. Unfortunatly i'm way to far away for that. So that is where myspace comes in a little handy. I think it's silly when people try and add people that don't even know just for the sake of having a large friends list though. I mean your just clogging the amount of friends you have and you probably will never even speak to the people more than once.

    That's pretty much what I use MySpace for. I don't need 12,000 "friends" to feel better about myself. All I've got are old schoolmates, friends, folks I met online, and various celebrities for updating purposes. Some days, I'll wonder, "What's Mike Nelson up to these days?" or, "When is Dave Matthews touring around my area again?" I go to their MySpace pages via my friends list and find out. No big deal.

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    Quote by bassman21
    Things about myspace that annoy me:

    I'm trying to look up people I use to know and all of them have their profile set to private. I'm not even sure it's them without seeing more of their pictures and such.

    The banner ad with the smiley faces that say "HELLO"

    I get a friends request, I'm thinking is it a long lost friend who found me, A hot chick in my area that thinks I'm cute. Noooo I'm some spam bot that has a picture on a hot chick, her profile says something like "I'm new to all of this LOL, I like swimming, water skiing and baseball. Check out my other site ( singles in your are, check out my webcam" What ever, SPAM.

    My Gay friend post a picture of him and his boyfriend with their arms around each other. To top it off he always post comments on my myspace page saying we need to hang out again. People at work who are on my friends list see it and probably think I'm gay too.

    People's pictures on their myspace page show them hanging out with a bunch of people, drinking, have fun. All it does is makes me feel like a loser because I don't have such pics on mine. I swear myspace is like HS sometimes.

    People that have music play when you open their page.

    The endless error messages you get. "Don't send a message to Tom, we are working on it" STFU
    you said it!
    another thing that pisses me off is you have a freinds myspace type it into search and..NOTHING! says "there is no-one of that name registered at myspace" WTF!!..its the right address but MS wont find it!!

    i know what your saying about spam pages..or sites for bands and singers!..i dont want to be friends with a band that wont ansewer any comments and are only there for their own ends!!

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    MySpace is a waste of time even though it got my friend, Kate Voegele a recording contract (She's from Bay Village, OH and so am I. She was in the class of 2005 and I was in 2004). I'm all Facebook. That's where all the action is.
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    Blah, I don't even go on MySpace anymore. I don't send anyone messages, and they don't send me any. Yaaaaaay. I had to log on last month to tinker with my account because someone was stalking me and intended to harass my BF via MySpace by getting to his profile via my page. I wasn't giving them the satisfaction.

    And then, of course, there's the fun that happens when a friend's account is hijacked by spammers and you end up getting offers for free Macy's gift cards and other similar bullshit. A lot of my friends have image-heavy ages, and it makes my connection lag really badly...and then they decide to share the love and send me huge images in messages...particularly the huge sparkly animated ones.

    In general, MySpace is kind of stupid. Pictures of teen girls making smoochy faces with their friends and putting said pics in their profile...simply asking for trouble. And other pathetic people who have their kids in their profile pictures because they have no identity beyond their offspring. And let's face it...those people with those write-board applications on their page (the things that look like refrigerators with alphabet magnets where strangers can leave messages) are just asking for drama.

    I like my brain cells too much to use MySpace for anything now.
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    MySpace is gay. Nothing but teenybopper shit.
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    You know what I hate about MySpace and especially YouTube? The emergence of this "haters" bullshit. People, whom I assume are young white suburban teenagers going around calling eachother "haters". At one time didn't "haters" have to do with player hating, not a slur to those that dislike pop stars such as Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus?

    Quote by Cambion

    In general, MySpace is kind of stupid. Pictures of teen girls making smoochy faces with their friends

    You mean the phenom known as "ducklips"?

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    I never liked myspace. It is boring. I would rather talk to people in real life.
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    My space is Youtube
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    Myspace is so fucking high school.

    I have one, but I only log into it maybe four or five times a year and that's only when someone happens to send me a message. Most of my friends on there don't even talk to me anymore, or we talk elsewhere. I have a couple of family members on my list but we don't really talk either. Other than that, there's nothing to do on there, so I don't bother with it.

    I don't like Facebook much either. Generally I just think "social networking" sites are retarded. Instead of socializing for real, let's just play on this website for a while and pretend we're friends. Doesn't that sound fun?
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    Quote by grindcore_fan
    Myspace sucks. I'd rather talk to people in real life than online.

    Quote by nicedayoutside1989
    I never liked myspace. It is boring. I would rather talk to people in real life.

    Just like you are right now, you elitist fucks?


    myspace isn't that bad, you have full control over everything, just like Maklu said. If you're inept or lazy, myspace isn't for you. If you're receiving messages like 'hey wuts up lol', blame yourself for friending someone like that.
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