Thread: Anyone ever watched Mtv's 25 Lame?

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    Mtv’s 25 Lame was a special that aired in 1999. It was hosted by Jon Stewart, Chris Kattan, Janeane Garofalo, and Dennis Leary. The show listed the 25 worst videos ever made and were made fun of by the cast of comedians, with the top ten never to be aired again. (This is also the show where the Vanilla Ice went bat shit and destroyed half the set, thanks to Dennis Leary giving him the idea.)

    The ensemble is a great mix. Each comedian brought their own style to the show and they never tried to one up each other, instead playing off each other and what seemed like they had an awesome time doing the show. It was like a group of friends hanging out one afternoon.

    And that is what was great about the show was how they created this great atmosphere, this “hanging out in your basement and watching music videos with friends” feel. Junk food, hanging out, relaxing on old furniture in the basement, watching cable on an old T.V., the show nailed it. When I watched it, it reminded me of my sister and I on lazy days watching Mtv and poking fun of cheesy videos.

    It aired in the summer of 99 I believe, at least that is when I saw it. It came on late at night and I quickly grabbed a VHS tape and recorded it. I missed the first video and at this time I had not quite mastered the art of recording shows off T.V. A few times in the tape I changed the channel forgetting I was recording. I got a few minutes of Space Ghost on there which is a nice little bonus.

    From time to time I will put the tape in, and it really takes me back. The videos reminds me of music I grew up listening too and even the tape itself has become nostalgic. Not just for the 25 Lame but things like Space Ghost and the commercials I kept on the tape. Its a great little late 90’s gem.
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    i dont remember the show, but i know exactly what you mean about "the tape being nostalgic".

    have a ton of old Mr. Show episodes from the late 90's recorded on an ancient VHS tape that was purchased in the mid 80's, with worn out label with "Gremlins, Willow, Ghost Town" written sloppily in ink (my dads taste in movies, not mine particularly). Ive since copied the tape to a DVD as not to cause any further wear and tear to it. its important to me for some reason.
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    I made a post about VHS tapes not too long again talking about what you are saying. When Hollywood video around me went out of business they sold all their VHS tapes for 1-3 dollars. I went nuts, buying movies left and right. To me VHS tapes are like what records are to some people.
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    I watched it. Funny as hell. The videos that stuck in my mind were "Separate Ways" by Journey and that friggin Wham song. I remember Kattan saying in the Journey video, "Are they at Home Depot?!" and Leary commenting on Wham (and I'm paraphrasing), "The minute I saw this, I looked at George Michael and said, 'Gay.' It took the rest of the world 20 years to find out."

    I'd really like to see it again.

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    I know this is an old thread, but a long long time ago I bought a copy of MTV 25 lame on dvd, and unfortunately I think someone threw it away and I am devastated. Does anyone still have a copy they'd be willing to covert to dvd and sell it to me?

    I don't know if I will get a response on this, but I had to try.
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