Thread: A Movie about terminally ill bank robbers?

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    I think it was during the 90s (not exact on the year) I saw a movie that had like 5 terminally ill guys and a handicap guy that was a little slow in the head (almost like a child). They were made a deal for money or a chance for a cure (not really sure) if they did a robbery. Quotes from this movie include the following:

    "I'll suck you so good." - Crack addict girl needing cocain talking to the handicap guy
    "She needs her sh*t, somebody get her her sh*t" - handicap guy releasing the crack addict girl to the police.

    (BTW sorry for the dirty quotes but its all i really remember from the movie.)

    At the end everyone but the guy that hired them and the handicap guy die (to other circumstances other than their illness), and the handicap guy picks up a flower from a street vendor and then its the end of the movie.

    Ive scoured google and several other movie sites trying to find the name of this film. I even checked here with nothing found. I mean i couldn't have been the only one to see this movie. Anways any help is appreciated.
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    After some extensive searching, I finally found the name of the movie:

    The Immortals (1995)


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