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    I used to watch this show on YTV and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

    It was on after Putnam's Prairie Emporium. It was sort of like a craft show where this woman did crafts with felt and plastic bottles (not Lambchop's Play Along). Anyways, (I think) there was this segment where this guy would make a piece of art out of garbage or something. I might be crossing shows here but I remember at the end of the show, an address would be put on the screen and you could send away for a craft kit from the show. I remember it was somewhere in Vancouver.

    Any YTV viewer's remember this?
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    Mr. Twister is an english teacher at my highschool, he dressed up as the Bee for Halloween one year!
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    oh man i rembmber that show and remember the segment of the show " Pams in the kitchen cooking with the pots and pans"
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    I Love You, I Love you, I really love you!!!!!!!!Oh my god I can't believe I have found this thread!!!!I've been trying to figure out the name of this show for the last couple of days and it has driven me insane.Thank you guys soooooooo much.

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    holy crap. the recylce cycle thing made me rememebr this.

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    So I was reading all your posts and it got me thinking about this show I cannot remember teh name of. It was on after or before Camp Caraboo and there was a circus show on after it with a man and woman host. Anyway the show im looking for was kinda of a game show i think with kids and their parents. One part the kids were set up at stations and they had to make something (choc chip cookies, muffins, etc) But they had all these ingredients infront of them and had to come up with the best recipe. I remember kids would throw in mustard, orange pop and all kinds of stuff. Any ideas of the name?
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