Thread: Which version of "Superman 2" is better?

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    Richard Donner's cut or Richard Lester's cut? for me it's Donners version which is far superior all the way.
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    • 12 years 2 months ago
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    I haven't seen Donner's cut yet, but one of my friends has and said it is so much better than the original release.

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    Richard Donner's is superior in every way. His version does not have any of those lame comedic moments like; Superman throwing the plastic "S" at Non, Clark does not accidentally trip and fall into the fire revealing himself as Superman (Lois tricks him in Donner's version), the scene where the three Kryptonian villains use their super breath on the people is shorter in Donner's version. Also the scene where Clark gets his powers back is more detailed in Donner's version with some cool Marlon Brando footage. There are a lot of other scenes here and there that are different or tweaked.
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    THe DOnner version took out the BEST line in the movie, though.

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