Thread: Where were you in.... 1991

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    wasn't born until 1993...

    heh, I'm just posting here to get more posts
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    I was going into Grade 4. I do not remember much from that year. I was going to be 11 in December of that year.
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    I was 4 years old and i remember quite a bit, and also songs from that year...I remember watching "the box" lol kinda like today's "music choice".
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    just one year old
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    Quote by yeazell
    i still have to say i am blown away that a nostalgia site is dominated by teens and and early 20's. When i first came on to the site i expected mostly 30's and up. But virually everyone is much younger. I turned 26 in 1991. I am curious why so many young people have the nostalgia bug. You all have barely started living. I guess its just the era.

    0ver 30's gal here (proud 80's child! )
    in 1991 i was 18 and starting my second year in college studying childcare...good times!
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