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    [originally known as marcross
    Just a nitpick, but Robotech is actually the end result of splicing together three differant animes, not just a dub of one.

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    Yeah, you could end up getting pretty confused if you went looking for shows related to Robotech using the Macross title as a reference point. For all intents and purposes, the original Macross series in Japan was completely different from what we were exposed to in the US (and of course the other two parts of the series were completely unrelated to each other and Macross prior to the American rewrite/redub).

    There are at least a few titles out there from the 1990s in the Macross line, but none of them carry the story from Robotech. I've never been able to get my hands on the original/unedited Macross series. I've tried to watch Macross II: Lovers Again, but it was just too confusing for me to sit through. There is a very short (4 episodes) miniseries from the mid 90s called Macross Plus that is very watchable and has great animation. Unlike the original (and Robotech, for that matter) the story is very simple--no giant intergalactic conflicts--and there are very few concrete tie-ins to the original Macross series that I could see. Very briefly you see the name "Roy Focker" in a computer readout, which is of course the original Japanese name for Roy Fokker. Of course, you have to put the DVD/VHS in slo-mo just to have a chance to catch it. Very briefly there are scenes involving old Zentraedi mecha and even VF series Veritechs (including one that looks a lot like Roy Fokker's Skull One). The only truly overt reference I caught was that one of the minor characters sings part of a song by Minmei in a kareoke bar (specifically, "My Boyfriend Is A Pilot"---a song that was mentioned by name in Robotech but never actually heard). Towards the end there is a sequence depicting an anniversary ceremony for the "spacewar armistice." You see the RDF fighting kite insignia as well as the Zentraedi coat of arms. Also, some of the characters seen very very briefly onscreen might be members of the original cast, though I can't be sure (for one, it's set in 2040 AD. The original ended sometime in the winter of 2012. That puts even young Minmei in her late 40s). There are two characters that do bear a striking resemblance to Lisa Hayes and Minmei, however.

    Anyway, ramble mode cancel.
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