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    I am a collector of cartoons from the 1980's recorded off of television with their original commercials.

    I've been at this hobby for about ten years now and, up until recently, have had very little success until recently. At a flea market earlier this year, I purchased a box of tapes (for 25 cents each) that had exactly what I was looking for. With this one purchase, I more than quadrupled my collection. (I also managed to find a box of about 70 Battle Beasts in mint condition for five bucks from the same guy!).

    In order to share my good fortune with like-minded retroholics, and also to meet others who might have the same strange hobby who would be willing to trade DVD-R copies, I started a website called As time and bandwidth restrictions allow, I am burning DVD-R copies of these tapes which I then encode to AVI and upload to stream online.

    I'm pretty new to creating streaming video. My material is uploaded to for both it's lack of restriction on file size and seeming indifference to copyright issues. It appears that for all files over 30 minutes, Veoh requires users to download the Veoh player. Some of my videos can be watched directly on, but the ones over 30 minutes only show the first five minutes and give a message to download their free player to watch the rest. If I ever have a ridiculous amount of free time, I'll split the episodes over 30 minutes into two files so that download of the player will not be necessary, but truth be told, it's not too bad of a piece of software (allows you to set up playlists of streaming video from all sites, youtube, etc...), so it's not a priority at the moment.

    If you'd like to watch a few streaming cartoons, or better yet if you have some of your own and would like to trade for DVD-R copies of what you see, head on over. I am by no means a computer expert, so the site design is pretty basic (it's just a Blogger site; nothing fancy), but it serves its' purpose.

    The episodes I have uploaded up to this point include the following:

    Teen Wolf episode 6: Up A Family Tree
    VHS Transfer: Recorded October 18, 1986 - WYOU CBS: Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Ewoks episode 18: Night Of The Stranger
    VHS Transfer: Recorded October 11, 1986 - WNEP ABC: Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Dungeons & Dragons episode 7: Prison Without Walls
    VHS Transfer: Recorded 1986 - WYOU CBS: Wilkes-Barre, PA

    Saturday Supercade
    includes Frogger: Spaced Out Frogs; Donkey Kong: Gorilla My Dreams; Q*bert: Crazy Camp Creature; Donkey Kong Junior: The Teddy Bear Scare
    VHS Transfer: Recorded 1984 - WCBS2 CBS: New York, NY

    (note: the source of the first three cartoons are my own VHS tapes that I recorded as a child. As for the Saturday Supercade episode, this was a DVD rip downloaded roughly 1 to 2 years ago from that I have since encoded to avi).
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    Send me a PM. I have a ton of 80s and 90's cartoons W/O/Cs, and I'd love to hear what you have and maybe set up a trade! I have individual shows and 1, 2 and 3 hour blocks of shows.
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    Hi, I am looking for Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling from CBS Saturday Morning all 39 episodes with Original airdates and commercails on dvds.
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