Thread: I'm Sorry to all the young kids who post on here.

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    Are you really sorry?
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    how does a 8 year old even know how to register to post on here lol.

    I'm open to talking about retro things with people of all ages...but seriously, why would an 8 year old need to talk about childhood? Last time I checked, you were still a little kid at 8.

    Dude IMO why the hell would a 15 year old want to talk about there childhood my god there still living it...

    Actually 15 is more of an in-between age along with 13 14 and 16. Thats why people of that age are on here. They feel that there childhood is ending which when your in your teens thats what you start feeling because your growing up so they come here to relive their childhood. I'm 16 as of now and have been a member here ever since 12/05(when I was 14). I haven't been on here much in a while because of work and a bunch of other stuff. However I came on just now browsing through this tread and to me it just seems pointless no offense or anything. I mean someone whos now 13 was 4 at the end of the 90s not 2 and people can remember things before 5.
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