Thread: Your favorite year in the 90's and why?

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    My favorite years in the 90s were:

    1990-Started first Grade

    1993-Cool Shows were on TV

    1996-Bailey Kipper's POV premiered

    1998-Freshman year of high school.
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    I love the early and mid 90's the most, but i would say 1995 because we moved in a cool neighborhood, i made many friends, and same for 1996...but 96 was more fun.
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    Late 1995-1996 + Summer of 1999 all due to Girls


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    My favorite years in the 1990s were 1995 through first time ever flying in an airplane came in October 1995 when I went to Chicago (from Philadelphia) , my first trip abroad came in April 1996 when I went to Hong Kong, and took many "local" trips, such as to New York City and the shore (Wildwood, New Jersey) during the summers of those years.
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    Gotta be:

    1990*: I was in the first grade and I absolutely LOVED my first grade teacher, Ms Jordan. The Simpsons, Tiny Toon Adventures, TMNT, and Super Mario Bros were my favorite shows (plus this was probably the best year for Saturday morning cartoons--am I right?) and I had a great summer, birthday, and Christmas.

    1991*: The Nicktoons premiered, Salute your Shorts and Welsome Freshman premiered as well, it was one of the only summers I had "off" (the other ones were spent either in day camp or working), I became a girl scout (troop 1405 from '91-'95, baby!) and I spent A LOT of time with my extended family, on both sides, including our cousin Paul, who died last year, with whom we went to see TMNT: Secret of the Ooze on Thanksgiving. I was good that I had that memory of him.

    1992*: Very fun as well, we finally had a church home, I had a boyfriend and went to Darien Lake (now called Six Flags Darien Lake) for the first time.

    1993: It was good until my grandfather (father's father) died suddenly that summer and he took it REALLY hard. Power Rangers premiered and I had a BIG sleepover for my ninth birthday and got a buttload of Barbie toys for Christmas, which fell on a Saturday (and I LOVE Saturdays).

    1994: Largely forgettable, save for my other grandfather (my father's stepfather) passed on , I got my own room (until then, I shared one with my sister), my own TV, and went to Church on Christmas (WTF).

    1995: A bad year, I was mercilessly teased in school and went home crying just about everyday. The few bright spots include meeting my art teacher and mentor, Mrs. Williams, sixth grade was taught by my first grade teacher, Ms Jordan, the premiere of Batman Forever, which I happily went to see (shut up, haters! I grew up on this!) and both birthday (spent at DZ) and Christmas proved to be very good to me.

    1996: Not the greatest year, either, except for having started seventh grade, which was miles better than sixth. Really not much to say...

    1997*: For the most part. 7th grade was awesome, I began to form my musical tastes (thanks to a healthy dose of VH-1 ), I was in a YMCA day camp, which was good since it was down the street from my house, and I became more close to my art teacher, who helped me get into my performing arts high school by helping me with my portfolio. I also went on a tour of the college I go to now!

    1998: Okay, since I graduated from that hellhole and flew to New York for our eighth grade trip, where we went all over the place, from the WTC, to Ellis Island, to The Empire State Building, to Burger King but not the statue of Liberty (line too long). I had a volunteering position working with my art teacher in a day camp, and I actually managed to make some real friends once getting to high school. But not all that great since my last grandfather (not including my great grandfather, both on my mom's side) passed away from brain cancer.

    1999*: A great one. Ed Edd n Eddy premiered (which I hated at first, but now I LOVE), ninth grade was awesome (due mainly in part to my second school year art teacher, Mrs Sarach, who was a welcome and outgoing change from the one I had the first part of the school year, who was a stuffy, know-it-all bitch), I got into anime, and both birthday and Christmas poved profitable.
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    1996, the year Angelo DeMontizeri died. Need I say more.
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    1990. Why? Because it's the closest year to the 80s.

    Really, though, it has to be 1998. Mainly because 1997 was such a train wreck of a year for me, and in '98 I got my life back on a really great track- transferring to a new school, finding new friends, etc.
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    Mine was either 96 or 97... I'd have to say 1996 takes the slight edge.

    The reasons?

    I had a lot of fun at age 8/9, and I had no worries. Hung out with the family and friends a lot. The music scene was pretty good. The Chicago Bulls won the championship. Loved TV, video games, reading, and playing outside.
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    1996-kindergarten bananas in pjs
    1995-pocahantas freak toy story freak
    1997-spices girls, arthur, franklin angry beavers
    1998-moved to the south ( Now I hate it) cousin skeeter crash bandicoot freak
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