Thread: Cool VHS tapes with stuff taped off TV you have found at garage sales & thrift shops.

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    Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been so busy with everything and recently...I completed my spring semester college courses.

    Anyways...I found some more VHS tapes containing shows recorded off the television.

    As of recently...I found a box that contained blank VHS tapes and commercial VHS tapes. I won't mention the commercial tapes but I will mention the blank VHS tapes I found.

    On most of the blank VHS tapes...there were movies recorded mostly off HBO and at least one movie from Cinemax. At the end of one tape...I found a segment of CBS News Sunday Morning from 1984. Before the segment...there are commercials for Dallas Furniture of Knoxville, Food City, and Orkin.

    About the is of a reporter interviewing members of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. At the end is a promo for CBS shows "The Jeffersons" and "Alice".'s incomplete. There is also the final minutes of "The Tenth Annual People's Choice Awards". The closing segment is scoped. However...there is a "Knots Landing" slide where the show wasn't seen that night.

    One more thing...I also have a tape that contains a segment of an episode of "The Judge" from around 1989 or 1990. It contains the original commercials and was recorded off WEMT-TV39, the FOX affiliate in the Tri-Cities of Tennessee and Virginia.

    I also have an hour or two of soaps on CBS from July 4, 1990 on the same tape. It starts with a segment of "The Bold & The Beautiful" and ends a few minutes after the start of the second half of "Guiding Light". On the "As The World Turns" episode...the commercials going into the local break are scoped. The soaps were recorded off WJHL-TV 11 in Johnson City, Tennessee and contain the July 4th ID bumpers with fireworks in the background.

    In my next post...I will post some more stuff I found before that.
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    Found this little jem...
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    Doesn't really count as anything retro, but at the last garage sale I was at I found this pretty bitchin Harry Potter board game.

    By my house we actually have this huge outdoor flea market where everybody goes to sell their old junk. It used to be awesome because you could find a lot of vintage stuff from the 80s and 90s there, like old discontinued toys and movies and collectors items and what not. I used to love going there, but nowadays it's mostly just useless garbage. You can still find old treausures there if you look hard enough though, I was thinking of heading over there sometime soon and checking it out.

    I'll also have to visit garage sales more often, since you can apparently find some interesting VHS tapes there lol.
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    I'm curious to know what the fascination for old commercials is all about. I guess I take it for granted because I have video tapes going all the way back to 1984 of things I've recorded over the years (mostly TV shows) and I really couldn't care less about the commercials (I still skip them).

    Is it because you want to remember them or because you've never seen them or because they are horribly dated? Truth to be told, I'm more focused on the actual recordings (which are usually pretty rare if I kept them this long) than commercials I saw a million times back in those days.

    And this is not a slam against those who collect...I'm really curious about it.
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    I think the whole fascination with old commercials is that you haven't seen them in years, forgotten about them and when you see them again that feeling of "whoa...I remember that" hits you. I have recently uncovered about 100+ old tapes I collected over the years and although I am intrested in the shows on them it is neat to see some of the adverts on there too.
    As a kid I always tried to steer clear of taping anything but the show I was intrested in (to save tape) but I often went over and these days I'm am glad I did. My only regret is that I recorded in Long Play, back then it was cool but nowadays the quality sucks.
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    One of the funnest things about viewing VHS tapes you didn't record yourself is discovering what is on the tape that the label didn't say.

    My grandparents have a tape labeled "Hogan's Heroes." Not only does it have Hogan's Heroes, it has M*A*S*H, St Elsewhere, The Honeymooners, and War of the Worlds!

    Unfortunately, I do not have a VHS player with me at my apartment, and I don't have money to get one right now, but hopefully that will change. I already explored thrift stores' VHS stock.
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    I once bought a VCR that had Royal Rumble 1998 in it.
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    I once got 2 tapes of non-stop recordings of the Angry Beavers on what was then "Nicktoons," which includes comercials on all airings. They're both not that old, but whatever. When I watched them, I had realized something, the one thing I hated about "Nicktoons" was those stupid British and Canadian shorts they aired. Seriously, they'd air the same shorts over and over, so I hate to say this, but I'm glad they have real commercials on the network now.
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    Ive never found anything at garage sales. I usually ask friends or co workers if they have any old recordings lying around, Ive gotten just about everything in my collection that way.

    One of my older Co-workers had a VCR back in 1978. He gave me a couple tapes with Dr. Who episodes with the commercials from that era! The quality was still pretty decent too.

    Also got a Ton of Saturday morning Cartoons and christmas specials from 1985-1992 from a friend. Apparently he was a pain in the ass when he was younger so his mom recorded EVERYTHING in order to keep him constantly stimulated.
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    Yep, the commercials are what makes it fun for me. It takes me back to a time and a place, and they are just plain fun to watch because some are so bad. My favorites are Saturday morning cartoon blocks too, because Saturday morning from about 1982-89 are engrained into my DNA. Man, I miss those days....
    I could go get the the Transformers DVDs at Best buy and watch them and feel nothing, but i I watch some old recordings with commercials and new bumpers, it takes me back to weekdays in gradeschool, coming home at 4 oclock and watching the after school cartoon lineup, then going outside and playing football or basketball with friends. Love those Commercials.....
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    I know what you mean my man, the commercial, bumpers, promos and all that jazz makes it fun for me. I am always surfing the net and going to thrift stores trying to find retro saturday morning cartoons with original as aired commercials. To me this is the closest way to time travel, watching those shows exactly the way it originaly aired on t.v. I love this hobie!
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    yeah my big brother recored some saturday morning cartoons of timon and pumba,cro,school house rock,looney toons,and teenage mutant ninja turtles
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    I heard of someone who taped every episode Spongebob from season 2 and still has them, meaning any cut scenes are still intact.
    As for me... I've rewound every old tape I (believe) I own. If there's one not rewound, put me on the case!
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    Here's something interesting:

    On Black Friday, I've went to a local thrift shop known as Faith Farm. And I was scouring some tapes only to find episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as aired of FOX Kids (off WNYW/WTIC) with it's commercials intact.
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    While vacationing in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, I recently went to a thrift store called The RAG Shop (Recycled American Goods). They had a whole bunch of VHS movies (retail tapes), but not very many home-recorded VHS tapes. Most of the "blank" tapes I found were still wrapped up in their shrink-wrap, so I just assumed there wasn't anything on them to begin with. I found one "blank" tape not shrink-wrapped, and there was a label on it, but nothing written on the label, so I didn't buy it just because I didn't know what show(s) or other contents were on it.

    It's not my first time having bad luck looking for used tapes at thrift stores. A while back I went to a local Goodwill store to look for the same kind of stuff, but all the tapes they had were manufactured movies. According to someone I interacted with on YouTube recently, Goodwill seems to be a hit-and-miss spot for home-recorded VHS tapes of TV shows, commercials, etc.

    I know there's a Salvation Army store close to the college campus I attend. When I go back there next week, hopefully I can hit that place. I've heard other people on YouTube say they have gotten such tapes at Salvation Army thrift shops. I've just been looking for more material to upload here on RetroJunk and on my YouTube channels (under the usernames Chenoholic88 and VHSScott).
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    Since my last post on this thread, I actually did manage to find about three tapes of '90s TV at a flea market event inside a local mall. The first time I went I found two tapes, both of which had Notre Dame Fighting Irish football games on NBC. The first tape had a game against the Texas Longhorns from September 23, 1995 recorded from WTVG in Toledo (which is now an ABC affiliate) with all the commercials intact. It also included about a half hour of the Ryder Cup Matches from the same day on the same network, along with two partial John Wayne westerns on TNT and the Family Channel with the commercials on them. And on the end of that tape I found the last ten minutes of an episode of the 1994 CBS miniseries Scarlett with a few commercials shown before the end credits.

    The second tape I picked up had a Fighting Irish game against the Ohio State Buckeyes from September 28, 1996 recorded from WNWO in Toledo. After the game was a partial Cosby Show rerun and a partial broadcast of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, all of them with commercials.

    The second time I went to that flea market I found a tape that had a bunch of exercise programs recorded from ESPN in November 1991 (Getting Fit with Denise Austin, Body by Jake, Gilad's Bodies in Motion). Some of these shows had the commercials on them, but others didn't. It also had a partial broadcast of CBS Morning News with Giselle Fernandez from November 6, 1991 (recorded from WTOL in Toledo), which some but not all of the commercials included. The rest of the tape was episodes of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns from September 26, 2001 also recorded from WTOL with commercials intact.

    So a pretty good haul so far. That said, here's hoping I find more of these gems in the near future!
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    I have accumulated every episode of Captain N on VHS/Betamax except for two. No retro commecials though. I do have a mid 90s KCA with retro commercials on it. What a trip to watch.
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    Yeah I imagine it's like an acid trip.
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    I just bought a Disney three in one VHS with fake cover.

    Toy Story 2, The Little Mermaid 2 and Tarzan on one tape.
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    One time a found a video with people, um....uh....yeah,I don't think I can say what they were doing.

    haha funny you say that, 2 days ago I went to a thrift shop and bought 4 "blank" VHS tapes so that I could you use. They still had the stickers and everything and all 4 were full of 8 hours of porn. haha

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