Thread: What's your most favorite VHS recording that you taped off TV on VHS?

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    This can be anything from TV shows to movies or commercials.
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    I have several tapes with Mtv's The State on them. I use to record them for my sister and I cause she was either working or out when the show came on. So later we would watch it together and just laugh our asses off. Her and I still quote the show to this day. Whats great along with The State other stuff got recorded like Beavis and Butthead, random Comedy Central stuff (it was still pretty new) and actual music videos! So I have proof that at one time Mtv did play music videos on their music station.

    I always love coming across an old VHS tape where apparently I spent a day just recording random things off T.V., its funny how at the time I didn't realize years later the tape would be used for a great source of nostalgia.
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    Ghost busters 2.
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    Hmmmm E.T.
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    My favorite VHS recording of something taped off tv is Jack the Ripper. It was a made for tv mini-series that starred Michael Caine. They sold it BRIEFLY over seas on dvd, but I haven't been able to find any. Anyway, GREAT movie.
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    - The latter half of the Pup Named Scooby Doo Marathon CN did Halloween 1998. I foolishly taped over it however.

    - A playing of Care Bears Movie 1, complete with Blue Screened Credits. No idea which channel since my mom made it but most likely Disney.

    - Family Matters Halloween Special; Steevil 2. Recorded Halloween 1997. I put a few clips on Youtube.

    - Premiere of Short lived 1992 ABC cartoon Capitol Critters, complete with commercials including [url=]this[/url] gem.

    Sadly, I didn't learn how important it was to tape stuff till I was about 10. Memories, not easy to find now

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    loads of tv channel idents and and a tape full of charlie brown/peanuts toons.
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    Mine would probably be some stuff taped off the Disney Channel (back when their movies and shows were commercial free).

    I also liked Pee-Wee's Big Adventure that was taped off HBO. I remember watching it a lot as a kid.
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    My 8 hour Rugrats marathon recorded off Nickelodeon on November 27, 1994.
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    Hmm... Quite a few for me. I don't have a favorite and I don't know if I still have them, but I do remember recording the following:

    -- all the Charlie Brown holiday specials
    -- the Halloween party episode of Beetlejuice
    -- the Ren and Stimpy episode, "Stimpy's Fan Club"
    -- the entire series of The Maxx
    -- most of the shows Cartoon Network aired of the old Fantastic Four cartoon from the '70s
    -- all the episodes that Boomerang first aired of "Challenge of the Superfriends"
    -- many episodes of the old Ninja Turtles cartoon

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    a nick afternoon w/ spongebeob(retro, right? j/k) and 2 ren and stimpys. it has a couple bumpers and ads that ill upload to rj whehn i get a chance
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    Oh man i have to many to count, but if i had to pick my favorate one that would be The smurfs and the magic flute.
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    Two different Who video spotlights I taped off Much Music. All the music videos and promo films they aired during the two different Who video spotlights they aired I now have on various DVDs but these specials have unique between song content, clips of Who members interviewed on City tv's The New Music and Much Music television. The clips of John, Roger and Kenney Jones interviewed in 1979 are especially great, I would love to see that interview in full, I've never seen it on youtube either, or being traded by collectors or utalized in 2007's the Who Amazing Journey documentary so I look at what I have as a bit special.

    I also have a couple of tapes of just general stuff taped off Much Music before they became a clone of the newer style MTV.
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    I remember my mom taping The Little Mermaid, when it was showing on the Wonderful World of Disney. It was great.

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    Some Transformers and Power Rangers I recorded in 1993-1994.

    Beetlejuice the movie which was recorded in...1992, I think.

    Little Richard singing Itsty Bitsty Spider recorded off the Disney Channel in the early 90s (forgot which year exactly)

    A couple episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which I recorded a few years ago.
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    That Saturday morning stuff from, I think, 1985. It had a lot of cool commercials, the Droids/Ewoks hour and a couple of other things. I just wish I could find the tape.
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    Yogi's First Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Carol recorded God knows how long ago.
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    I have this awesome tape that has The Boogedy Man, The Canterville Ghost, and The Bride of Boogedy on it. It also has a small amount of cartoons, like the Raggedy Anne Halloween Special and something from Looney Toons.
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    ..........This is the topic that was made for me. I'm going to be needing a few posts here....

    -A 1990 taped copy of Superman IV including the restored scene where he saves that girl from the tornado, as well as local channel episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.
    -A 1988 tape featuring Mickey's Christmas Carol with some bonus holiday toons as well as a preview of Oliver and Company, Frosty's Winter Wonderland, a Mickey Mouse 60th anniversary special (not the one with the Cheers cast; it mainly features clips from older shorts), the Care Bears Nutcracker, and most of a Disney Channel Christmas, though it cut out at Mickey's Good Deed. I retaped the special a decade later on Christmas Eve, though by then the Disney Channel now had commercials and the thing still wasn't completed, though it lasts a little longer now: it now has all of Mickey's Good Deed and the Clock Watcher, but cuts out at one of the two Santa Claus shorts.
    -2 tapes worth of Disney Afternoon-era Darkwing Duck episodes, though one of them also has a Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers episode.
    -A holiday-centric tape circa 1988 (or very possibly... 1987?) featuring specials from CBS and NBC: A Charlie Brown Christmas, a Disneyland Christmas special, 'Tis the Season to be Smurfy, a Chipmunk Christmas, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Garfield's Christmas, Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas tales, a Claymation Christmas, and a Charlie Brown New Year.
    -A 1990 tape with the Ducktales Valentine Special, DTV Doggone Valentine, Winnie the Pooh: Too Smart for Strangers, and two episodes of Peter Pan and the Pirates
    -A 1989 tape mainly featuring Easter Specials: The Easter Bunny is coming to Town, The First Easter Rabbit, a Chucklewood Easter, Peter and the Egg, and a Family Circus Easter. It also has Disney Channel airings of the Paramount Superman shorts and an episode of the This is America, Charlie Brown miniseries.
    -A 1990 tape of the Disney Channel featuring more Paramount Superman shorts and 3 episodes of the Wuzzles. It also has some later '94 episodes of X-Men and Sonic the Hedgehog.
    -A tape with '91 episodes of Ninja Turtles and Tiny Toon Adventures, a '93 episode of X-Men, and the Hunting Instinct off the Disney Channel
    -A 1989 tape with about half of a Sesame Street Christmas, most of the Sport Goofy in Soccermania Special (a couple of minutes are cut out), a Raffi Concernt (AHHHHH!), Big Bird in Japan, and the Chipmunk Adventure.
    -A 1990 tape off the Disney Channel with 2 early Muppet Specials: Hey Cinderella and the Frog Prince. It also has Yogi's Ark Lark, the Care Bears Movie, and the Ducktales Movie Special.
    -A 1991 tape that features the world premiere of Darkwing Duck on the Disney Channel, including the original version of the theme song, as well as the 2nd Flipper Movie and the Cartoon All-Stars go to the Rescue special, plus the first 20 or so minutes of the Fly II off of HBO.

    I've taken footage from a bunch of these tapes and put them up on youtube. Look for ReijiThePhantom.

    I'll list off more in the future.
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    I taped over most of the stuff our family taped in the 80s, but when it comes to stuff from the 90s and later, I've taped 13 Academy Awards ceremonies (I taped over two of them for various reasons). I also have every American Film Institute "100 Years..." special on tape, with the exception of "100 Years, 100 Stars". I'll be taping the next installment ("AFI's 10 Top 10") next week.
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