Thread: CHIPPOPPITY! Am I the only one?

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    I want to know if I am losing my mind. I want to know if anyone else remembers (I may not be spelling this right) "Chippoppity". As a kid growing up in the 80's I specifically remember this snack/candy. I went through all the commercials on this site and I was surprised not to see Chippoppity. Chippoppity was a bite size chocolate chip cookie similar to "Cookie Crisp" except it was kind of a candy. The theme song started like this " Chippoppity, chippoppity a candy that thinks it's a chocolate chip cookie a handful or just one mmmm" and it continues but I don't quite remember how the rest goes. They had different versions to this commercial including a rock n roll and a country theme. Please respond and reassure me that I didn't imagine this whole thing.
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    i know them... no one believes me they existed!
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    I hear you, like no one remembers..!
    Looking for some kind of visual of Chippopities because I'd like to try to replicate a recipe for them.. If anyone can help, please pm?
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