Thread: The biggest crush you have ever had.

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    I remember when I was in eight grade and I had a crush on this boy name Nate who was in my Gym class. He was perfect. He was cute, The school president and was always Kind to everyone.
    The problem was, He was very popluar with girls. It seemed like where ever he went, Girls were always there.

    I was the nervous type (Still am) so I never got the courage to ask him out. God, I must had a crush on him for the rest of the eighth grade year THEN some-where in March, I found out he was going out with a girl name rain.

    She was beautiful. She had, Long Brown Wavy hair, Was very skinny, Always wearing dresses and was highly popluar. Man, I can't tell you how badly I felt when I found out!! I mean, Who was I to compare a Pretty Popular girl to a Tall-for-your-height, Chunky, Pimple face girl?

    I felt like the biggest loser. I didn't even go to school the next day.

    How did I get by in PE? Well, I just ignored him. I know It may sound rude of me, But when Rain broke up with him, I laughed sliently has Nate sulked in his shame, But It did make me feel better.
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    From 7th grade and on there was this girl I used to crack jokes with along with one of my friends. We became the best of friends in 8th grade, and everyday we would talk to each other. Then she got the impression that I liked her (I did) and we started being closer friends. On the last day of school in 8th grade she gave me a hug, and then when I saw her after school I kissed her on the cheek. She was the first girl I ever kissed. I remember on my Summer Vacation after 8th grade we used to talk on the phone together, talk on AIM, and send e-mails to each other. Then when we got to high school she paid really no attention to me. She would say hi or pass by me as if she didn't know me. When we shared one of the same classes she had her own friends and would sometimes talk to me. Then after 10th grade she went to a different school. We occasionally talked on AIM, she would always talk about boys she liked, and wouldn't really have no interest in talking to me. I was the one who always IM'ed her, compared to before when we used to IM each other. From 10th grade till I graduated 12th grade I was sort of heartbroken when it came to her. It was like she didn't remember our close friendship in 7th and 8th grade.
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    The one I had on my BF before we started dating. Something just attracted me to him the first time I saw him - yeah, he's handsome, but I knew there was something more to him than his looks. I became better friends with him when my ex started being a bastard to me, and my then-crush kept me sane. As pathetic as it may sound, I felt heartache when I was crushing on him - I felt an actual physical pain in my heart. It was awful wanting someone and being unable to have them.

    Eventually, I left my ex for my crush, but left mostly becaue he was being emotionally abusive, jealous, posessive and controlling. BF and I have been together for about three years and I still honestly get butterflies in my belly when I'm with him. Sappy, I know. But I love him to bits.
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    I had two crushes during my childhood: two girls named Heather Wilson and Raven Davis. Heather went to church with me and Raven went to school with me.
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    7th grade - 10th grade, Hillary Thornton. I had a locker next to her every year. I wonder what she's like now, and what she'd think of how I've changed since then...
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    believe it or not, i got this huge crush on my grade school teacher too bad i transferred school so i wasn't able to see him
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    One of the pivotal experiences in my life was a mammoth crush I had on J. I., a girl I went to Middle School with. I actually had a crush on her from when I was barely 12 to when I was almost 18 1/2. It is really a very pathetic story. The crush was doomed from the start. At the time I met her, she was close to 14 and looked and behaved like she could be 16 or 18. I on the other hand was an awkward, not too mature pre-teen. The only common activity we had was singing in the school choir, and then on different ends of the choir. So I hardly got a chance to talk to her or get to know her better, I simply admired her from afar. To make a very long story very short, I had no chance with this girl, but could not get over her. No other girl seemed nearly that attractive and I ended up missing out on the entire dating scene in high school, something I regret now. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was attracted at 14 to Daphne Zuniga ("Jo" on Melrose Place) - if a girl like that had gone to school with me, I might well have turned my attentions to her. But I ended up idealizing J. whereas, as I found out in the end, there were nicer girls around me. My childhood is full of awkward stories like that.
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    I had a crush on this guy from 4th grade till like 10th grade. He made me laugh and we had so much in common. I would always hang out with him in class and during programs at school. He had a lot of girlfriends (all of them popular). He knew i liked him and so did everyone else. Most of the time I would be the only girl in a group of guys- I would watch other girls come over and start flirting and when they would leave we would just laugh at them. They would always joke about it every chance they could. He would always just say he never liked me like that...Fast Forward to freshman yr college I finally kissed him and found out he couldn't date me because his parents were against mixed couples. We never ended up together but it was a nice ending.
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    I had these huge crushes on these popular, flirtacious, girls that every guy liked and well you see the problem...
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    I had an incredible crush on my English teacher during my junior and senior years of high school. He was a bit goofy looking but I could just listen to him talk for hours and he was actually on my level. I hung around his classroom all the time.
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    I've had two. One was during elementary. I always hanged out with the girls, guess that's where my "safe guy" reputation came from. Her name was Marrissa. I knew her from the 3rd grade until our finish of 5th grade. The funny part was, earlier this year she contacted me out of the blue on myspace and told me that she had a crush on me as well. Funny how that works.

    The other was from 6th-12th and still a little bit till this day. She was a little tomboy that I really liked, except I never could get up the courage to ask her out because she seemed to always be with a boyfriend, but I was always there for her anyways. And then I ended up getting really sick during high school and being put on homebound and that pretty much ruined any chance for me, and I hear she's now engaged.
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