Thread: The House of Frightenstein!

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    I haven't seen that show in ages. I'm sure I'm not the only one that remembers it. Vincent Price was the "Count" character. There was the guy in the safari hat that always got ping pong balls thrown at him. There was a witch in the basement that always brewed potions. Can't forget the Wolfman dancing in the psychedelic background, or the guy with the crystal ball. If anyone has an episode, or the opening credits, I'd love to see it again...
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    Holy *BEEP*ing *BEEP*!! I can't believe it...Thank you so much for that link...I'm adding it to my site right now, and I'm downloading the two episodes they have available. Thanks again...
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    Hey what's up dudes, Just to let you guys know The Hilarious House Of Freightenstein is now on again, but the only problem is, it is on a channel called the drive-in I think you can only get it if you have satelite, I was watching it not to long ago when they had a free month preview of the channel, unfortunatly the preview is now over so I have to order the station now. Hope this helps.
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