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    Who remembers The Who's 1973 double-LP Quadrophenia?

    The notable songs on this album included "The Real Me," "5:15" and "Love, Reign O'er Me".

    The story this album represents was set "on a rock" (as Pete Townshend would say in one live performance of the tour in support of the album, which referred to when Jimmy looked back on the events over the past day or two that led him into the grim situation where he finds himself in at story's end) in London and Brighton circa 1964-1965, from the perspective of one Jimmy Cooper. Cooper was a Mod who had suffered from schizophrenia, which was divided in four to represent the personalities of each of The Who's four band members, who all had a given theme.

    Roger Daltrey (vocals) - "Helpless Dancer" ("A tough guy, a helpless dancer")
    John Entwistle (1944-2002; bass guitar, vocals, brass) - "Is It Me" (part of the song "Doctor Jimmy") ("A romantic, is it me for a moment?")
    Keith Moon (1946-1978; drums, percussion) - "Bell Boy" ("A bloody lunatic, I'll even carry your bags")
    Pete Townshend (guitar, vocals, keyboards) - "Love, Reign O'er Me" ("A beggar, a hypocrite, love, reign o'er me")

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    One of my all time favorite works from one of my all time favorite bands. I got to see Pete, Roger and John play it live in Montreal in 1997, it was astounding. I'll never forget it.

    "For me, Quadrophenia is the Who at their peak. Roger voice is at it's best, Keith and John do their best playing... I remember when the sessions began I said right, this is a song about isolation and abandonment and they all went 'right' and then it was all [immitates jackhammer] which I thought was great." - Pete Townshend

    Songs from Quadrophenia:

    I Am the Sea/ The Real Me (From the original studio album)


    5:15 (Top of the Pops Broadcast 1973)


    Sea and Sand (Cow Palace 1973)


    Drowned (Charlton Football Grounds, 1974)


    Punk and the Godfather (Chicago 1979, Kenney Jones on drums)


    I'm One (Pete Townshend solo concert 1985)


    Love Reign Over Me (Live Aid 1985, Jack Nicholson intros the band)


    Is it in my Head (From the Quadrophenia Live DVD)


    5:15 (Live 1999, performances of 5:15 from 1996 to 2002 incorperated a long bass solo from John Entwistle)



    Trailer for the 1979 Film Adaptation Directed by Frank Roddam, with Phillip Daniels in the lead role of Jimmy the Mod

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    I enjoy the album, but it's not my favorite of theirs. Personally when I listen to The Who I go with "The Who Sell Out" or "Live At Leeds". Also when it comes to the other Rock Opera "Tommy" I prefer the live versions from the "Live At Leeds" deluxe edition and "Live At The Isle Of Wight" to the studio version. The studio album has a little too much production and weird instruments for my liking, I like the raw rock version they played live.
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