Thread: Angry Video Game Nerd vs. Irate Gamer

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    Quote by MrCleveland
    I'm surprised that all the cuss words he's used, he hasn't used 'cunt'.

    Example-"I'd rather eat an elephant's cunt than play this game". Does that sound like AVGN?

    actually he HAS used that word in his atari porn review
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    • 11 years 9 months ago
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    To me, "There can be only one." And that one is AVGN
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    • 11 years 8 months ago
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    AVGN take it hands down but I think Zero Punctuation is the best video game reviewer out there.

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    I watched both of their TMNT (for Nes) reviews and Irate Gamer had some good points but he annoyed the hell out of me, and used some of the AVGN's same expressions.

    F*ck that guy, AVGN all the way!

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    I like the irate because he has some funny skits. Also if you look at some of his recent stuff he is slowly separating from AVGN.That said avgn is still pretty funny however the swearing feels a little too much at times when he starts dropping F-bombs at some little thing.
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    • 11 years 3 months ago
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    AVGN is the best. The Irate Gamer is a fat ass who I would like to o beat the shit out of.
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    AVGN is a laugh a second. The Irate Gamer is just boring.
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    AVGN is a raging monster with an awesome sense of humor, where as The Irate Gamer pours more time into special effects rather than writing. BTW, here's an awesome video about the two.
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    • 11 years 17 days ago
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    Nerd all the way, Irate Gamer is just a pile of buffalo balls covered in dogshit dipped in honey and covered in fire-ants.
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    AVGN, Irate Gamer doesn't act as well.
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    AVGN FTW! Irate Gamer is just a rip-off!
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    AVGN of course, But I like Irate Gamer too. By the way, what happened to the AVGN forum here? I cant find it
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    It does that sometimes. I searched for it in the Search bar. Here you go:

    I'm not familiar with Irate Gamer but I have seen spoofs or YouTube poops of him. He's all right, but I prefer AVGN.

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    I've never seen the "Irate gamer" videos but I have seen a few of the "AVGN" videos. I was not impressed, I found it to be tasteless and trite. He does a shitty job reviewing games, he just bitches about the game the whole time. I guess that means the "AVGN" wins by default, on account of I have'nt seen this "Irate gamer".
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    James Rolfe (AVGN) is a pretty cool guy. I'd say he's the best amateur entertainer on the web. Have you guys been to his site ? He reviews a ton of horror movies and even board games.

    My favorite web reviewer,though is John from Shitcase Cinema. He's a Brit guy who reviews these really awful movies (both vintage and recent) with a laidback posh accent.
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