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    Quote by foxxietrini
    Quote by Ryzen
    I don't like my singledom, i like spending my money on my girlfriend (that in the end always breaks my heart). Loneliness sucks this is heartbreak number 4 my friends. Heart Dead.....

    ouch! Chin up Ryzen seem like a good hearted guy and good looking too You have to start holding back a little. Generous people seem to get the short end of the stick. Make sure you know what type of person you're dealing with. Make sure that they don't take you and your generosity for granted before you start to spend lavishly on a girl. If she starts to ask for too much to soon then you know what she's after. Damn gold diggers give some of us a bad name But you need someone who's going to give a lot and take much less. That's not what it's all about.
    Loneliness sucks sometimes but you can learn a whole lot about yourself if you're forced to spend time by yourself. I used to say the same thing but now I all about making myself happy and staying positive. That way only positive people will come around me
    Feel better and get out there and LIVE while you still can

    Even though this is really old, I totally agree.

    Can't wait to get candy I need to get my family stuff too.... I'll get them something unique
    Nothing wrong with being single I've been quite enjoying it actually.

    I hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day no matter if you're single or taken - keep your chin's up, or else you'll be choking on all that chocolate!
    Michaelangelo: Wise man say, "forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for a late pizza".
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    First time i havn't been single for valentines day, still not expecting anything.
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    I've had a Valentine for the past 4-5 years straight. I still liked it when I was single. Exchanged stuff with friends and ate candies and got flowers from my family. This one's not as happy though because my boyfriend tried to break up with me last week, but I think we're on the mend. This will be V-day number 3 for us. I'm still thinking of something special to do/get him.

    Hope everyone else's is happy too! And if you're not, it's just a holiday, there's always tomorrow...
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    Quote by Mad-Mike
    AH yes, Happy singles awareness day, except this year I'm gonna have a good time weather I got a chicka or not. I'm tired of celebrating "singles awareness day", so I think I'm gonna take the Fender Jaguar, a good amp, and crank-it, and tune out all the smootching going on, I think I'll call it "JAguar and Marshall day".

    Happy Singles Awareness Day! I love that. Hallmark needs to make up some cards for that.
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    Quote by Sunriser
    This one's not as happy though because my boyfriend tried to break up with me last week, but I think we're on the mend.

    As long as there's no rabbit-boiling going on, that's good.
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    Quote by nippythefish
    I have the perfect wife....she walked up to me tonight and said 'wanna see what you got me for Valentine's Day?'. She bought herself a pair of earrings. That's *so* kickass.

    If only we all had it that lucky man you!
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