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    I've stopped worrying about pesticides and herbicides in my food after I learned about them more.

    All things being equal, I'd prefer all-natural... but I'm also living hand-to-mouth at the moment.
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    When I go on a diet, I primarily eat beans and rice. Combined with daily exercise, it really helps me shed the pounds. But my doctor tells me to never give up meat entirely. Meat has some essential amino acids, or something, not found in vegetable protein.
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    Most doctors are not nutritionalists. The "you need meat" myth is just that; a myth.

    You can be perfectly healthy and happy with a vegan lifestyle. It's not hard, it's not expensive.
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    This is not a vegan recipe but a raw foods recipe. We make Taco's where the meat is food processed nuts with paprika & pepper. (LOOKS & TASTES JUST LIKE REAL TACO MEAT) & we make our own cheese from food processed organic raw cashews & Bragg's Nutritional Yeast. This recipe is amazing. Research a guy named John Kohler & a lady named Jennifer Cornbleet as they are raw foods experts.>>>> Do let me caution everyone about Soy milk as I am living proof that the studies are proven to be true that it increases estrogen levels in men & will turn you into an emotional wreck!!!!! Soy Milk made me so emotionally unbalanced that it almost cost me my marriage. I cried all the time & everything stopped after I quit Soy Milk. I feel like a man again. Now I only drink Almond,Rice,Grain, or Coconut milk.
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    I love eating the Chinese Buddhist foods. They may not be like meat in every way, but it sure satisfies the craving for me.
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