Thread: childhood no-no's

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    I didn't have stuff in my room too take away. I didn't get a game system until I was about 11, and that was an SNES, and it was in another room.

    The privileges I usually got taken away from me when I was younger was television time (made to go to bed early) and playing outside.

    When older, when I started getting into video games, and I did something bad, she'd just take the games away, and leave everything hooked up. Imagine how agonizing that is, to see your game system hooked up, but can't play any games because your mom hid them from you.
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    I was at Academy with my mom which I took photos of Hannah using my Nintendo DSi XL until someone stepped in and break up the fight between me and Hannah's godawful dad, calling the police to put him behind bars in jail. That was also a childhood no-no.
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