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    wild and crazy kids was one of those shows that i didnt like, but i watched anyway

    The same way for me. Perhaps I would have liked it more if they didn't show the same reruns OVER and OVER again during the daytime. What were the hosts' names? I want to say that the black guy's name was Donnie, but I don't remember quite well. I liked him. I wished he was a cousin of mine that I could hang out with or something.

    Actually, he was Omar Gooding.
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    Quote by David
    Yeah, its on Nick GAS (Games and Sports). The channel is worth the money, let me tell you. Great show, btw.

    The GAS channels isn't worth the money anymore back in 1999-mid 2005 it was worth the money but as of November 2005 pumping GAS has been axed as well as the originals which some of them I actually happened to like and pumping GAS and the originals were replaced by additional repeats of shows like GUTS, Figure it Out, Legends and Double Dare 2000. And as of sometime in fall of this year Finder's Keepers and I believe Nick Arcade also left GAS as well. I think GAS will be getting axed very soon because as of present day it's the same 5 shows over and over again most of which shown 12 hours later is just re-runs of what was shown earlier, They don't do any kind of special events anymore like how when in 2004 and any of GAS's years prior to 05 they did this event called camp GAS or something like that, There hasn't been any original programming lately but GAS has probabily gotten repetetive because Nick is kinda on a low budget and probabily don't have much money to air 20 differnt shows on the GAS channel and since Nick cares very little about the past and a lot about the present they would rather spend money on there crappy new stuff than the old stuff that us nostalgia nick fans like. The reason why Nicktoons Network and Noggin are loosing diversity is probabily the same reason as applys to GAS.
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    I feel you on that your right Nick doesn't care about it's past because if it did all of their great shows of the 80/90's would be out on DVD. Also they would at least have like a tribute to those shows. Nick GAS is not worth the money right now when it came out it it was the coolest channel on tv. Now it not good at all , the only show I like is GUTS and Legend of the Hidden Temple, Double Dare 2000 is weak it didn't make it when it came out in 2000 and it's not making it now. I never thought I would be saying this about the Nick corp but it sucks major and I don't even pay attention to it unless it's a topic on here.
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    Remember when Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) was on an episode?
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    I remember it but I was never a fan of the show.
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