Thread: Music: List Your Entire CD Collection!

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    I can relate. I already had my vinyl collection listed out as a word file, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it.
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    Quote by COOLHAND
    listing my music colllection would take all day, so ill pass

    i had my list on my computer whenever i buy or download a new album i add it to the list
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    good idea i guess...
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    i have music on records, tapes 8-track, c.d. and an mp3 player from 1920 to 2007. HA!!!
    The Mall Of Memphis 1981-2004? i will never forget you.
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    I didn't know they had mp3 players in 1920. O_O

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    Quote by OldNick07
    Doing this by memory since I'm not in my room right now:

    -The Beatles; "Abbey Road"
    -The Beatles; "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
    -The Beatles; "The White Album"
    -The Beatles; "Let It Be"
    -The Beatles; "Revolver"
    -The Beatles; "Magical Mystery Tour"
    -The Beatles; "Rubber Soul"
    -The Beatles; "Help!"
    -The Beatles; "1"
    -Christina Aguilera; "Back to Basics"
    -Christina Aguilera; "Stripped"
    -Christina Aguilera; "Christina Aguilera"
    -Christina Aguilera; "Mi Reflejo"
    -Christina Aguilera; "My Kind of Christmas" (this one sucks :p)
    -John Mayer; "Continuum"
    -John Mayer; "Room for Squares"
    -Norah Jones; "Not Too Late"
    -Norah Jones; "Feels Like Home"
    -Norah Jones; "Come Away with Me"
    -Titanic Soundtrack
    -Back to Titanic (second soundtrack album)
    -Chet Baker; "The Best of Chet Baker Sings"
    -Glenn Miller; "The Centennial Collection"
    -The Andrews Sisters 2-CD set
    -two different Ella Fitzerald 2-CD sets
    -Natasha Bedingfield; "Unwritten"
    -Blink-182; "Blink-182"
    -Alanis Morissette; "Jagged Little Pill"
    -Alanis Morissette; "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie"

    Homemade oldies compilations:

    -1920s-1940s disc #1 (jazz, blues, country)
    -1920s-1940s disc #2. (jazz, blues, country)
    -1950s & 1960s. (rock and roll, country)
    -1970s & 1980s (disco, pop, rock)

    Barbie; "Beyond Pink"
    Girl Authority; "Girl Authority"
    Hanson; "Middle of Nowhere"
    Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass; "Whipped Cream and Other Delights"
    Jo Dee Messina; "I'm Alright"
    Kaci; "I'm Not Anybody's Girl"
    Neneh Cherry; "Blank Project"
    Lisa Frank - You Gotta Have It!
    Pokemon - Gotta Catch 'Em All!
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