Thread: Your Favorite Halloween Memory?

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    Getting to go Trick or Treating alone, for the first time with my friends. I had more candy than I could ever have; I believe I had 2 pillow cases full. I also got the same year a Super Mario Drink, which was amazing, and glow sticks!!

    The good ol' days.
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    I would have to say my favorite Halloween memory would have to be during my highschool years watching USA Network which was great in the 90"s for showing scary movies the weekend before Halloween. I can remember my parents being gone and I had tons of candy, and the house all to myself watching scary movies that was the best, I miss those days so much. Here's the lineup

    Sat Oct. 28, 1994
    Halloween II
    Puppet Master II
    psyhco II
    Child's Play 2
    Nightmare on Elm Str. 5

    Sat Oct. 27, 1995

    Pet Semetary
    Child"s Play 2
    Child's Play 3
    Nightmare on Elm Str. 5
    Halloween II

    Sat. Oct 25, 1996

    Halloween II
    Hellraiser II

    All movies were shown on USA FROM 94-96

    Sat Oct. 31,1998

    Puppet Master III

    Friday the 13th, 2, 4, 5, 6 Marathon on TNT
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    Quote by MissALibra86
    Halloween's my favorite holiday too!

    I have great memories of going out to the pumpkin farm just the next town over and picking pumpkins, petting the animals in the petting zoo, buying some homemade apple butter, watching the Civil War re-enactments one year, jumping on top of big (and I mean big!) hay bales, and going through the haunted barn there.

    I remember carving pumpkins with my Dad too. I carved my very own pumpkin for the first time last year. I made an angry face, but in the past I have also made silly faces.

    My Dad also had this dummy guy made out of straw and cotton who he would sit on the bench on the front porch to scare people. He wore my dad's old plaid white and red shirt with blue jeans. One year, my Dad hung him from the roof with the rope tied around his neck to make him look like he hung himself. I was never really scared of the dummy, but only a bit spooked out by it.

    I also loved most of my Halloween costumes, that is until I got to high school. In kindergarten, first grade, and second grade I was a different kind of Barbie - Princess Barbie, Rock N Roll Barbie, and Cowgirl Barbie. I had the blonde wig and everything. Other memorable costumes included being Tigger when I was a year old, an angel in fourth grade, Babs from Tiny Toons in preschool, a red M & M in junior high, a witch in 7th grade, and a ghost in third grade.

    Last year, I did dress up (after two years of not dressing up ). I went to a Halloween party at a friend's house and dressed as Sydney Bristow from Alias. I wore her first disguise from the first episode - red wig, black turtle neck, and black pants. Very easy, yet stylish.

    This year? I might be Red Fraggle or a butterfly. I do not know yet.

    Also, I loved the Halloween parties at school, when kids were allowed to have them (are they still?). A snack (usually a cookie or a cupcake with a Halloween theme), some candy, and a chance to show off your costume to the whole school. My elementary school had these parades where each class would go outside and walk around the school in their costumes, and parents nearby would watch the parade and take pictures. If it was rainy, our class would visit the other classrooms in the building. I loved chatting with my friends and playing Halloween bingo instead of doing work!

    In Junior High, I went to Halloween dances with my friends, and we'd all dress up, go there and hang out. We'd also go to different rooms to play games (like bobbing for apples, etc) or we could dance in the gym.

    In high school, after my Junior year, we were not allowed to wear Halloween costumes at school at all. We used to have a Halloween costume contest in the auditorium every year, but the school stopped that because too many kids came dressed up as pimps, hos, gangsters, and other disgusting costumes. Someone in my physics class my junior year came in our room dressed as a condom. I am not kidding - he handed out condoms and talked about safe sex. Now, I know he was doing this for a good purpose, but the school authorities deemed it inappropriate for school. I knew that in the PC world after 9/11, Halloween fun at school would become a thing of the past. Sad.

    Anyway, on to memories of trick or treating.

    Ah, and Trick-or-Treating. Not a lot of people came to our house, since it was on a corner and a bit far from the rest of the neighborhood. But I loved going to other people's houses and knocking on their doors to receive candy. On no other day of the year could I do this sanely (my Dad once told me about a cousin who tried to go back to the houses on Nov. 1 and try to get more candy). I always went with mostly my Dad and we'd come home with bags and bags full of candy. Now, I had never been a big fan of candy, but I did eat a lot of it -but I could never finish the endless supply I had gotten on Halloween night.

    And the television specials! My favorite is "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" that features Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to show up on Halloween night. The plot is a bit slow-moving, but I love how Linus never gives up his belief in the Great Pumpkin, even though it's obvious that the Great Pumpkin doesn't exist.

    I wish I could still go Trick-or-Treating, but I know I am too old. Maybe I'll get to go to (or throw) a Halloween party this year and play some fun games there.

    So, I do not have a "favorite memory." It would be impossible to choose just one great memory of my favorite holiday. There are too many great memories to choose from.

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    Halloween is also my favorite holiday, by far. When I was a kid my dad's side of the family always did an elaborate march in the local parade. One year we did the Wizard of Oz. But every year it was fun.

    The only good thing is, you're never too old to enjoy Halloween!
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    2002 when I attended a late night showing of Lilo & Stitch
    at a budget theater in Douglasville,GA. I was wearing a ninja costume at the time.
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    OMG,I actually remember seeing these!

    Wow,there were Clash of The Titans masks? And Force Five ones? The more you know...
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    WHY REVIVE THIS?! We have 8 more months until Halloween, lol.
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    My favorite holloween was when I was about 7. My aunt had got me a real ninja uniform, not those cheep supermarket ninja costumes, but the real deal. She also got me some real ninja stars which wasn't a good idea in hindsight. I went trick or treating and came back with like two pillow cases of candy, Which is funny because my lazy kids can bearly last an hour trick or treating lol. Then we went on this haunted walk that the city had set up in prospect park. Afterwards we went to the movies and saw Beatlejuice.
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