Thread: wierd Lion King movie at goodwill, possibly a bootleg!

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    Quote by MicroMan
    correction, it does actually say "TWO THUMPS UP FOR 'THE LION KING'!"

    I give the film "two thumps up", too! *hits table twice*

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    i watched through the whole movie, and i heard tons of stuff, from people weeping when mufasa died, to laughing when timon was pissed about nala trying to eat pumba, and even people clapped and laughed when timon did his special part when they were singing "the lion sings tonight", they laughed their asses off when timon and pumba did the hula, and the part in "hakuna matata" when pumba kept farting. on top of that, i heard some people coughing, kids laughing, toddlers giggling, and babies crying (at random times during the movie) and it fit the screen pretty well, but a quarter of the way through the credits, they stopped, switched to a "camera's blank blue screen" for about a minute, and switched to...
    YOU GUESSED IT! Forrest Gump!
    i also knew it was over recorded because i can clearly see the title "forrest gump" through the lion king label on the vhs tape, as well as the "tisch and wendy finerman" logo at the beginning for a split second before lion king started recording over it. in forrest gump, it actually looked like they were in the theater! someone's head was in the way, and the screen didn't fit well (especially in the credits) and you could here people laughing even clearer than in the lion king bootleg.
    feel free to talk about more bootlegs you have seen or heard of.
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    I'd actually like to see clips of the film and pics of your video (the front/back cover, spine, and cassette label) when you get the chance to post them, MicroMan!

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    Quote by MicroMan
    I was just at goodwill today, and i bought a strange looking lion king vhs. The vhs case has a picture with the title "walt disney pictures The Lion King" at the top, in its common title form, but it is on a picture of simba at his adult age on the tip of pride rock with the animals worshiping him, looking up at the sky to see a vision of simba's face in the clouds. on the side of the vhs case is white, and it shows a small picture of the front of the case at the top, with the lion king title in yellow print (as well as the "walt disney pictures presents" above it, but the title is sideways, as other vhs cases have, and to the right of the title, a "the classics" black diamond logo is also sideways. the wierd thing is, the logo isn't even on the tape! on the back of the vhs case, it is blue with a "sketch" of simba's adult form, with the title under it. above the sketch of simba are credits to the movie, that say"

    "Prepare to be awed! the lion king' is a triumph -richard corliss. time magazine
    "I've never seen anything like it" -joel sieel, good morning america
    "Two thumbs up for the lion king!" -siskel & ebert

    they don't even show the movie description!
    the vhs tape itself has a white label, with all the printing on it sideways (as some fox movies do), and it says in black text:
    Walt Disney's the lion king (in its common title)
    and it has the black diamond logo, and inside it says "the classics" with the walt disney home video logo under it. under that it says:
    color/75 minutes, the rated g logo, and "NTSC standard"
    and it has the fbi warning under all of it.

    okay, now with the movie.
    first, as you first play the tape, it shows a blue screen with a black pinnicle of a castle, possibly the disneyland (world?) castle, which moves to the left, and above it, it says:
    Tisch/Wendy Fine
    but it is hard to make out, because there was a bunch of "lines" going through the screen.
    then, on a black screen, in orange text it says:
    In Remembrance of
    President of the walt disney company
    from 1984-1994
    and there is a sound effect in the background, which sounds like clapping, and a little boy talking during it, but i couldn't make it out, it sounded like a baby talking, but it must of been in the audience when the sound effect took place. and then it shows the movie, which looks pretty aged and not digitaly remastered (or in other words, not like the common vhs that came out) the colors were lighter and there was a lot of "lines" in the movie, and the music and sound is a bit muffled. i haven't watched the whole movie yet, but i will edit this post when i find out more stuff on this strange copy of the movie.

    i don't know if it was a rare version of the first copy or if it was a special addition. the movie is in a clamshell case, just like most of the disney movies are, but it looks pretty rare, because i never seen this version of the movie before!

    Probably a tape from austrillia or UK. If not, then I can't help you.
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    This could be kind of a dumb/unrelated question: Isnt the face in the clouds supposed to be simbas father, not simba himself?
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    Anyone else fairly creeped out by the poster?? I don't know what it is, but there is something creeptastic about it.
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    Hello, I had recently found this thread while trying to search for a DVD I found at a thrift shop. The DVD is called "The Return of the Lion King". I can't find any information online about it and I cannot find a movie with this name, this leads me to believe it is a bootleg.

    The DVD is blue,"The Return of the Lion King" is the only text on it, there is a small picture of a lion below the text. I did not buy the DVD but I am thinking about going back tomorrow to buy it. If any accounts in this thread are still active, please tell me if you've heard of this before.
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