Thread: Anyone remember that show kid songs?

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    It just got into my head out of nowhere and I just had to ask. Good show when I was in my early years but then it just got gay.
    • 15 years 8 months ago
    • Posts: 681 wasn't fun until Billy's sister Ruby showed up. Actually, it wasn't so much fun as she just somehow added sex appeal to the show.
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    This seems familiar. Did this used to come on PBS by chance? If so, I used to watch it when I babysat my younger cousin (I was like 13 or 14 though and she was about 1 or 2). I thought the songs they sung were cute. lol
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    I remember the KidSongs videos very well. One of them had a sports theme, with the Beach Boys' "I Get Around" and a song called "Practice Makes Perfect."

    I also recall a video built around the "when I grow up" motif. One of the vignettes showed a kid and his dad, who was a truck driver, and Eddie Rabbit's "Driving My Life Away" played in the background. Another had footage of some Navy officers, set to Frankie Ford's "Sea Cruise." Finally, there was a kid who wanted to be a movie star, and "Act Naturally" was the theme.
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    I remember it only because it went off the air just a recent few years ago. To tell you the truth I never really liked it except for that anchor girl. As a kid I just never liked music shows, and I still don't.
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    "Water Water Everywhere" is my favorite music video from Kidsongs!

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