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    Actually, it was called Night Bright, not night lite.
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    Affraid not. You may want to try or do a video search on, google etc.
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    Same here, I can't forget that commercial jingle.
    I got into a fight with my siblings for control of the thing too(the product not the commercial), we were like 7 or 8.
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    I think it was Lite Brite.
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    Lite Brite: the toy where you have literally hundreds of pegs and "thumbtack" them into a lighted plastic box? I remember you had to put a black sheet of paper down so that when the pegs went it, the pegs lit up in the color they are. There were also templated black sheet so you could make nicer artworks.

    They definitely were a fire hazard...I remember burning myself trying to prematurely change the light bulb. Whoever thought that a plastic box with a lightbulb and construction paper WOULDN"T be a fire hazard?!?!?!
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    Quote by Guest416
    Any of you guys remember the toy Night Lite?
    The jingle went "Nite Lite, Nite Bright, turn on the magical colored light"
    For some reason this commercial is stained into my brain, and I really hope that this site can get a hold of it and put it up.

    Actually the light up toy is Lite Brite and you can go to and watch the commercial. I had one when I was young. I was singing the song the other day and my 19 year old son said "WHAT are you singing? You come up with some weird songs." Haha
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    That commercial is legendary. I still remember the jingle to this day.
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