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    I have two younger sisters and we never really fight over video games, instead we fight over grades and stuff like who accomplishes more in school. It's really gay. But I always win with the elementary school grades.

    The middle child and I used to convince the youngest one that my parents adopted her from a family of clowns. It was always amazing. Like we would say that my mother had to pay more for the hospital pictures. I still love doing it even though we don't do it as much as we used to. The sad part is that she believed it.
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    i ruled all on golden eye 64 and perfect dark no one could beat me my older brother broke several controlers because i wouldnt go easy he got so mad once he broke a door chasing me hehe it was funny though i couldnt stop laghing
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    I whipped my sister's ass at Simon when I was five. She was thirteen at the time and started yelling, "This is such a stupid game!" Hee hee hee.
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    I want to brother all he does is cause problems....HE MUST GO!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAH!!!
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    I was really mean to my older brother. I feel bad about it now.
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    My older brother and i fought a lot but it was just over "kid stuff" like the front seat (back when it was perfectly normal for 3 year olds to be in the front w/o carseats), we also fought over video games (we had our own consoles, but shared games), and movies. He has autism, so once i got a little older, i was able to turn the tables on him and win in many arguments, though i do feel kind of bad now. When i was really little i used to be jealous that he got more attention from our mom, but when i was about 6 or 7 i had to suck it up and deal with it.

    My older sister and i shared a room and it seemed like i had more rivalry with her than she did with me. She always seemed perfect in every way and that no one could be better than her, but maybe that was me just being a little kid, ya know? When i was little i used to hate that she made me watch her shows in our room. But now i'm kinda glad, i'm like the only person my age that remembers watching My So-Called Life and Beverly Hills 90210 when Shannon Doherty was still on it!

    I still kind feel some resentment towards my sister though, even though we get along really well and we're practically best friends now.
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