Thread: David Stern needs to wake up and smell the coffee

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    Since ABC took over NBA covrage from NBC in 2002, i have not watched any NBA games televised. And many people would have to agree with me. According to an article i read on Wikipedia, ABC's Regular season ratings have been anywhere between 2.0 and 2.5 average, NBC averaged around 4.0 and 4.5 average .What suprised me the most was the NBA Finals of ABC's first year was a record low 6.5 picking up from NBC's final NBA Finals, which were 10.2. I think what is the reason for ABC's unpopularity is simple: To many announcers, too many camra angle shots, the advertising isn't good, they have CELEBRITIES come onto the show to talk about the NBA, and too much hip-hop culture. Rained out PGA Tours and NASCAR events have been getting better ratings than NBA On ABC at some point along the road (that was embarressing for all three of them). The only time ABC has had a double digit rating score was during the 2004 NBA Finals when they scored a 11.5 (Which i believe only happened because Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were part of it). The only other times ABC would get double digit scores would be when the Lakers take on The Miami Heat (for obvious reasons). And here is David Stern saying he wants a new contract with ABC and ESPN? The only reason he is doing this is because he thinks this is all part of a cycle that the NBA has always taken. When NBA coverage was on CBS during the 70's and 80's, they did not have a good audience. Then came the Boston Celtics-LA Lakers rivalry of the mid-late 80's. BOOM, rating were off the chart and stayed there with NBC keeping those ratings in good shape. But now it's 2007 and we have to see ABC ruin the NBA. David Stern, get a brain and bring the NBA back to the NBC where all the excitement and all those little moments were shown.
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    I dont know if the network is the problem here. Perhaps ratings are down because the of the NBA itself, not the channel it's on. I mean, to me the average fan, the networks don't mean much. I can easily switch from NBC to ABC and not think much of it. The game is still the same on any network. Sure, NBC may have presented it differently than ABC does, but the outcome is the's basketball on television. If the ratings on ABC are down, maybe it's the overall lack of interest in basketball now. I only see a game aired sometimes on Saturday or Sunday afternoons on ABC anyway. So the bottom line is in my opinion, the network doesnt matter.
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