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    My want list is...

    Gi joe

    All episodes if you have on in toronto and willing to pick up trade etc have tons and tons of old school gaming stuff.
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    OK my Wants are:

    Back to the Future the animated series
    The PJ's

    would like the complete series of all

    What I have:

    Mighty Max (complete series on data dvd's)
    The Centurions (complete series on data dvd's)
    Reboot (complete series on data dvd's)
    Sonic The Hedgehog SATAM (complete series on data dvd's & DVD)
    Darkwing Duck (DVD)
    Batman Beyond (complete series on data dvd's)
    Dinosaurs (complete series on data dvd's)
    X-men (fox kids cartoon, have the first 3 seasons on DVD)
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    any 80's christmas special.
    small wonder.
    the wonder years.
    degrassi high.
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    Updates of some other stuff I have:

    -beverly hills teens
    -best of the wonder years
    -journey through fairyland (80s sanrio movie)
    -strawberry shortcake and the baby w/o a name
    -late 80s winter olympic coverage w/commercials
    -Princess Gwenevere and the jewel riders (promo tape, I think its of the first episdoe though...)
    -Dtv Golden Oldies
    -Dtv Pop and Rock
    -Care Bears "Snow Business"
    -Muppets special "the frog prince"
    -Tales from Avonlea volume 4 "felicity's 1st date"
    -Adventures in wonderland volume 3
    -Care Bears "be my valentine"
    -Alvin and the chipmunks go to the movies
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    i'm looking for any 80's christmas special.
    smurfs christmas.
    pac-man christmas.
    80's- self recorded saturday morning cartoons (misc. w/commercials.)
    80's- self recorded sitcoms (misc w/ commercials)
    king koopas kool kartoons.
    small wonder.
    family ties.
    you can't do that on television.

    to name a few i'm willing to trade:
    toxic crusaders. (two tapes.)
    c.o.p.s (one tape)
    new kids on the block.
    jetsons christmas.
    (the best of) wonder years christmas.
    back to the future (animated series christmas special)

    i have tons more, just ask for a complete list. i have literally hundreds of old tapes and my collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
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    My sister has a brain tumor and has to have surgery. I am desperately looking for any and all episodes of Dumbo's Circus. I would also like Pooh's Corner but she watched Dumbo's Circus all the time. I don't really have anything to trade other than old Sesame Street tapes from the 80s that were mine when I was little. I would be happy to pay for anything that you have.

    Please email at [email][email protected][/email] as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.
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    hey all-
    I know that this is supposed to be for trading and all , and am very sorry to not have known about this site and its offerings earlier but this is a wishlist of sorts for the new year and if anyone had leads on the following it would be helpful. I know these are on ebay and all but to get stuff shipped to West Africa is hard. I would have to have stuff shipped to my Vancouver, BC address:
    *All episodes of the TV show "Manimal"
    *Box-set of the late 80s TV show "Werewolf"
    *All episodes of "Amazing Stories"
    *All episodes of "Police Squad"
    *Any "Hey Vern; Its Ernest" TV episodes on DvD

    Thanks all
    I love this site soooooo much
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    Hey im looking for Bionic six I have swat katz on 6 CD's and I have every episode of the 1994 version of Iron Man
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    Update of what I have number 3:

    - 90s disney channel w/ holiday promos (for when it was still a premium channel) has episode or "Ready or not" and "The baby sitter club"

    -Muppet babies and Beetlejuice from nick w/ commericals

    -sailor moon stars taped from japan w/ commericals (mid 90s)
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    Does anybody have any eps of The Tomorrow People (70's version)?
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    looking for What would you do? and Out Of Control.....

    if you have any thing from either of these i'd love to trade!
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    I would like to know if someone has LadyLovelylocks ops: I wanna see them again.
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    Now I wish I started recording shows along time ago . I didn't start until December 2004 when I recorded Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, rare Invader Zim Nick airings, and Billy and Mandy. Late time to start. I could sure use some recordings from the 80s and 90s. What I really need is Super Mario and Donkey Kong cartoons.
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    Does anyone out there have ANY disney afternoon? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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    I want Pinwheel! I have this stuff to trade:
    * Disney Halloween Special
    * Disney X-Mas Special
    * DTV Valentine's Special
    * Blondie animated special
    * Ziggy's Gift
    * Pac-Man X-Mas
    * Beavis & Butthead Do America (I taped it off of pay-per-view. Come & get me, cops!)
    * various Looney Tunes movies
    * Dr. Seuss stuff
    * Sesame Street visits the museum
    * various old Sesame Street episodes taped from Noggin
    * tons of other old specials. Nothing from Nick until mid-90's.
    PM me to see if i have what you want. I can burn things from VHS onto DVD.
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    Portland, Oregon-area might want some of these things:
    * an episode of Ramblin' Rod
    * I Remember Bob, the special of KATU's Bob the Weather Cat after he died
    * A KGW at 11pm newscast from October 3, 1983
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    in the middle of the desert
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    I'm looking for DVDs or VHS tapes of Saturday morning shows from the 1980's. Original commercials. Preferably blocks of shows, such as a certain channel from 8am to 10am. I'm also looking for blocks of 80's Nickelodeon or Nick Shows with commercials.

    Right now I have a DVD of NBC Saturday Morning Summer 1984. It has Spiderman/The Incredible Hulk/Thundarr all with original commercials.

    I also have a 12 hour 2 DVD set of ESPN from January 1987. It was the night before Super Bowl 21 and ESPN had a marathon of NFL Films Super Bowls from 3am to 3pm. I taped the entire thing complete with commercials. Seeing ESPN back then is hilarious, especially SportsCenter.

    If I could find a working BETA machine, I also having a tape of old school Nick (Dennis the Menace) and episodes of SportsCenter from 1985.
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    Captain N episode 1
    TMNT-enter the shredder episode
    The Real Ghostbusters-play them rag time boos episode
    The secret world of Alex Mack-episode 1
    Silverhawks episode 1-3
    Super mario bros super show episode 1-3
    22 episodes of are you afraid of the dark
    The Monster Squad
    *please not that these are all legal downloaded shows
    Gummi Bear episodes
    Salute your shorts
    Eureeka's Castle
    Count Duckula
    Muppet Babies
    Peter pan and the pirates
    Today's Special
    Bill nye the science guy
    Mickey Mouse Club
    Water Girl

    I hope I can get whats on my want list
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