Thread: Who Remembers C.H.O.M.P.S ???

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    Anyone remember that movie about the robot dog?

    His creater used to command him with numbers...
    "CHOMPS... 22..." and he would roll over.

    And then the inventor got CHOMPS mixed up with his girlfriends REAL dog just before the army wanted to use CHOMPS in a demonstration.

    It was the best dog movie I've ever seen...
    (the "Benji" movies come in a close 2nd)
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    That movie is out on DVD now. I found it at one Best Buy in my area in the section in front of the store where they sell DVDs for $10. I'll always remember Chuck McCann and Red Buttons who played the baddies who try to steal C.H.O.M.P.S. away from their owner, who was played by the teenage fella from "Land of The Lost". The humor was pretty campy, but the movie itself was remarkable.
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    My sister and I loved watching this movie. We owned it on both beta and vhs. Now if its on dvd will get it for sure. A little dated now but still very entertaining.
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