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    The Fat Boys and Sugar Hill Gang have not yet been mentioned. Now they have.
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    In terms of old-school hip hop, there's just a few things you need.

    - Eric B. & Rakim
    - NWA
    - A Tribe Called Quest
    - Afrikaa Bambaata & The Soulsonic Force

    I'm just talking real hip hop here.
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    Quote by Guest416
    Hell, 3 of the nicest albums that came out last year are from 'old school' type cats (Ghostface and Masta Killa, both Wu tang members, and Masta Ace). should check out the DANGER DOOM album. I forgot the name of the other album i was gonna say, but i think its ghost face and MF doom cant remeber.
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    Quote by foxxietrini
    Hmm Snow wasn't a rapper. I did like the 2 hits he had. I was never into rap that much but the groups I liked back in the day were Wrex n Effect, Dre and Snoop, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and Lost Boys.

    I agree that most of the creativity in rap music is pretty much spent. With the exception of 50 cent (personally not a fan!), Eminem, and Outkast (light/easy listening rap if you want to call it that..a lot of those rappers out now rap about the same thing and have the same image. There is nothing original about it. It's the same tired material about jewelry, clothes, cars, houses, girls shaking their asses, etc. There was definitely more substance and authenticity back in the day. A lot of it is just noise to me..don't get me started on that Crunk trend

    I agree. How can ANYONE like that crap? All I hear out of it is screaming.

    "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not." -Kurt Cobain
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    I'm not a little John fan but a little noise never hurt.
    As for as old school goes.......there's so much. The 80's was a very entertaining era for music fans. no doubt
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    Quote by Captain
    Quote by KENNY
    Its all about the FREESTYLE!


    You forgot Expose, Alisha, Stacey Q, The Cover Girls, Julie, Babydoll, Laura Enea (whose sister was an aide in my high school class), Linear, Pajama Party, Lisette Melendez, Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam, Nancy Martinez, Noel, Freeez and Afrika Bambaata And The Soulsonic Force.

    Samantha Fox and Yazoo also did some freestyle work, although they were British.

    yes, there are tons of freestyle acts that i had mentioned. A few that you have mentioned I had personally worked for (goia of expose...worked as a road manager and alisha, I currently work in her managment)

    well, if you like freestyle music, check out [url][/url] !
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